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A Couple of Answers From Rebecca Stead

Hello, Bookies: Rebecca Stead, the author of our October book, When You Reach Me, had this to say in response to questions from NOBC members Chris H and EM: A question for Ms Stead: How much did you draw on your own or friends experience when you created the character of Miranda and Sal? Or, are there other characters that […]

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“When You Reach Me”: Part Two

Well, Kristin H called it in the comments last week: Marcus traveled in time and left the notes for Miranda. I saw that coming, too, at a certain point and honestly? I was slightly annoyed about it.


Don’t get me wrong: I think this is a remarkable novel, all the more so considering its slim size. Stead packs quite a bit into her pages. I was nearly moved to tears as Sal hurtled toward the truck, and touched by the scene in which Miranda becomes Alice’s bathroom partner—not to mention her first, tentative kiss with Colin (awww). I was brought back to age 12 in ways both good and, frankly, mortifying—and it’s been a long time since a novel affected me that powerfully.


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”When You Reach Me”: Part One

Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for your great young adult reading suggestions. Coincidentally, I considered selecting The Book Thief as an option but I promised to read it with my daughter! (At a slower pace.) So I’m saving it—and excited to hear how terrific everyone thinks it is. And who doesn’t love Harry Potter or, as you mentioned, Kristi, Judy […]

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It’s October–Hello, Everyone!

I am Noelle Howey, deputy editor at Real Simple, where I work on everything from our Life Lessons essays to the larger features about women’s lives to the food content (which explains why I’m hungry so often). I’m happy to be leading this month’s book club—though it won’t be for long, since the winning book, Rebecca Stead’s award-winning young adult […]

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