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Talbots’ New Aisle Style: Bridesmaid Dresses and More

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is stressful: There are so many details, deadlines, and—whether you want them or not—opinions involved. That is especially true when it comes down to dressing the wedding party. Finding dresses that suit everyone’s style, flatter everyone’s shape, and work together as a complementary set is a nearly impossible task. This summer, though, Talbots […]

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Engagement Party: “No Gifts, Please”

A reader named Claudia writes, “I have been invited to an engagement party and the invitation states ‘no gifts, your presence is our gift.’ Do I go without something, or what would be appropriate to take?” It is never required to take a gift to an engagement party, which traditionally is an occasion for both sides of the family and […]

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If My Daughter’s a Flower Girl, Do I Deserve an Invitation?

Let’s say you live in the same house as your ex-wife, but are no longer romantically involved. Should you be invited to your her friend’s wedding if your 5-year-old daughter is a flower girl? Should I repeat that one? If you had a hard time following along, maybe it’s because the situation is complicated. Here’s how a reader named MHoffman2 […]

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For Richer or Poorer: It Costs $1,000 to Be a Bridesmaid?

“I’m horrified at your advice to the cash-strapped bridesmaid in the May issue,” a reader named SarahPNC wrote this week. “The bridesmaid already spent over $1,000 on the wedding. I say that she can bow out of the group gift.” Let’s get out our calculators; wedding season is underway. In the case of one cash-strapped bridesmaid who wrote to Real Simple […]

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A Nice Problem to Have: Both Families Want to Pay for the Wedding

This week’s etiquette question comes from a reader named Mike66, who is getting married – congratulations! – and already finds himself in the middle of a skirmish between the in laws over cash. But it’s not the usual fight over who has to pay… In this case, the bride’s family was planning to foot the bill for the wedding and reception. […]

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Wedding Invitations: Who’s on Your Guest List?

This week’s etiquette dilemma comes from a reader named LaneyDunn, who is planning an out of town wedding. She wrote: “Please help! I need some direction about how to be tactful with my wedding invitations… “We are having a small wedding in Pennsylvania, though my fiance and I met and live in Charleston, South Carolina,” LaneyDunn wrote, adding that a […]

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Sequin Wall

Last week I made a giant sequin wall for a New Years Eve party. This would be great as a photobooth backdrop or even just decoration. It does take some time to assemble but the whole thing can be made without too much money. The only problem is I like it so much I find myself never wanting to take […]

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Pantone Seating Cards

These pantone inspired place cards spotted over on frolic! are genius! Such a simple and great way to continue on a color theme of a party. The classic pantone swatches are perfect for those design junkies among us. I also love the idea of making these for a dinner party or baby shower. Photos by Scout’s Honor for Frolic

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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: Weddington Way

Hi Everyone, It’s your friend Julee–staff fashion editor here at Real Simple and Simply Stated blogger over at our Style Guide. I am officially less than 100 days away from my wedding (September 24th)! Yipee! It’s been quite the journey planning this oh-so-important event. And through it all I have learned a lot about myself and just how crafty and […]

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Host a Royal Wedding Celebration

Having spent the past few months living in London, I’ve naturally become royally obsessed with the Royal Wedding and was even dubbed “the wedding obsessive” by my former colleagues at the BBC. With a mere two days until Prince William and Kate Middleton say “I do,” I’ve finally started to plan my own celebration.

Originally I planned to host a breakfast party to celebrate, but I realized most of my friends don’t fancy the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn (the wedding broadcasts begin at 6 am EST). My next great idea? Record the wedding and host a breakfast-for-dinner party.

Since a Royal Wedding isn’t just any occasion, keep reading to see some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

Royal Albert tea set 

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