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Email Wedding Invitations: ‘Reply All’ to RSVP?

More and more people are skipping paper wedding invitations to send email instead. A new article (written by one of my students at Columbia University) describes the trend: “There are good reasons a growing number of couples go digital when they send wedding invitations: It saves money, reduces your carbon footprint and can efficiently reach friends scattered around the world,” […]

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Stationery That Makes Me Swoon

Have you met Mr. Boddington yet? If not, I’d love to introduce you. I’m pretty sure you’ll love him just as dearly as I do. He is so worldly and stylish. He makes me swoon. 

Mr. Boddington’s Studio is one of my all time favorite sources for stationery. They somehow manage to combine playfulness and sophistication in the most perfect way. 

This NYC-based design studio churns out everything from custom wedding invitations to gorgeous letterpress notecards for day to day correspondence, for clients across the country. The designs are unique, whimsical, and executed with the finest craftsmanship. They offer both letterpress and flat matte printing, and all envelope liners are hand-cut. The fonts and illustrations are just beyond adorable. 

Take a look at just some of the prettiness they’ve got going on…

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