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A European Vacation (without the European Price Tag)

Last week, I went on the best vacation I’ve had in years. I spent four days and five nights ignoring emails, voicemail, and all work-related thoughts. I stayed in a beautiful French Country-style Inn, slept in a plush king-sized bed in a room with a fireplace and terrace, enjoyed luxurious spa treatments and Swiss-style showers, ate ridiculously good Italian and French food, and drove through the countryside visiting gorgeous vineyards and drinking the delicious product of local winemakers.

No, I didn’t just win the lottery.

I also didn’t take a long and pricey trans-Atlantic flight to Provence or Tuscany, or stay with close personal friends who own a Chateaux (none of my friends own a Chateaux, sadly). I simply planned and saved, then took myself on a blissful trip to the Napa Valley – right here in the USA. Why blog about it? Because I’m always writing here about Holidays and Celebrations, and I want to encourage my readers to actually take a holiday and celebrate something. I’m always asking friends about their travels – where they stayed, what they ate – so that when I finally take a trip to that place, I’ll be in the know. So here you go…

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