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Day 12: An Easy Vegetarian Dinner

Today’s recipe, Chickpea-Spinach Curry with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce, was prepared by Kathleen Murray Harris, managing editor of I am always on the hunt for hearty meatless meals for my eats-meat-now-but-is-still-a-vegetarian-at-heart husband so this recipe for Chickpea-Spinach Curry with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce caught my eye. Plus, I’m crazy for anything with curry powder that takes less than 30 minutes. First, remember to put […]

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A Raw, Vegan Feast

I had a memorable meal last week.  I was invited to a (mostly) raw, vegan dinner party. I was wary of what I had gotten myself into and considered I might have to get a pork taco for dessert on the way home. But as soon as we arrived I was seduced. We walked in along a candlelit path to […]

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A Vegetarian Chili (With Chocolate?) for Dinner

Since I’m all about meatless meals and simmering big pots of warm, comforting stews on my stove these days, naturally I made another vegetarian chili recipe recently. This one was very rich and hearty, thanks to two kinds of beans (kidney and chickpeas) and the “secret” ingredient—chocolate.



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A Delicious Meatless Chili Recipe

In an effort to be healthier this year, I’ve been cooking and eating a lot more meatless meals. A recent favorite was our White Bean Chili With Jalapeño Bulgur. Like pretty much all of our recipes, this one was simple to make. The cumin and chili powder gave the chili some great spice (I doubled the cumin because I love it so much), and with all the healthy beans and rich tomatoes, I didn’t miss the meat at all.


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A Delicious Fall Risotto

I am a risotto freak. As soon as the weather starts to turn chilly, I swap out salads and light, no-cook meals for hearty fare just as happily as my summer clothing. To me, risotto is one of the most lovely dishes: Its soft, tender texture and creaminess always seem to hit the spot. But even a dish seemingly so perfect has a downfall: It takes so long to make! Lucky for us, the Real Simple test kitchen created a low-maintenance, almost hands-free recipe, so you can do something else (like actually take a minute to kick your feet up and relax) rather than stir a pot of Arborio.


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Day 19: Sweet Potato and Brie Flat Bread

This vegetarian recipe was made by Krissy Tiglias, deputy editor of Krissy oversees all of the decorating, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, and holiday content on the site.


I just can’t turn down a recipe that involves pizza dough. When I was growing up, I watched as my Grandma and Mom kneaded, shaped, topped, and stuffed pizza dough. So many delicious combinations over the years from mozzarella and pepperoni to tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli rabe to ricotta, raspberries, and dark chocolate. Yup, you name it.


So, naturally, when it came time to pick one of the Month of Dinners to make, I couldn’t resist the Sweet Potato and Brie Flat Bread. I admit, I was skeptical about the brie and sweet potato combo (this from the girl who ate cheese and chocolate), but am happy to report that this recipe did not disappoint.




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Day 14: Mushroom and Herb Strata

This vegetarian-friendly meal was prepared by Kristin Appenbrink, the associate editor of and Home & Organizing blogger on Simply Stated. In addition to writing and editing for the site, Kristin is the voice behind Real Simple’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.




I chose the Mushroom and Herb Strata because it was one of the ones in the story that was vegetarian from the start. Or ovo-lacto vegetarian, meaning it includes eggs and dairy. I’m also a huge fan of stratas. The cutting and prep takes a little bit of time, but they are still incredibly easy to put together. And, well, they almost always include cheese. Enough said right there.

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Day 9: BONUS! – A Veggie Take on Chorizo and Potato Tacos

We’re doubling up today! Our editorial production director Jeff Nesmith created a vegan spin on the Chorizo and Potato Tacos with Black Bean Salsa. Jeff is the one on our staff who keeps everything running smoothly. He sets deadlines and makes sure we stick to them. (If you see him outside your office door it means it’s time to pick up the pace!)


Every Sunday evening comes our ritual of gathering with folks to cook food, drink wine, and watch True Blood and Mad Men. This often means picking a recipe out from the latest issue of Real Simple. This is sometimes tricky since my partner and I do not eat meat or dairy and my guests are looking for a night of creative vegan food.


This time, we went through Your Four-Week Dinner Plan feature and picked the Chorizo and Potato Tacos with Black Bean Salsa recipe to whip up, even though it was not week two, nor was it Thursday.




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