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Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love

There is love at first sight — or smell or sound as it were. And then “ooh-ooh-ooh, what a little moonlight can do“…”Ooh-ooh-ooh, what a little moonlight can do to you…” as the tune goes. Turns out that human beings aren’t the only ones who try to put their best foot forward when looking for a mate. In the animal […]

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Heart Garland

I know it is a month away but I’m already thinking about Valentines Day. I love this heart garland. Such a clever idea for Valentine’s Day party decorations. photo credit

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Did You Forget to Send a Card? Last-Minute E-Valentines

Just in case you didn’t get a card in the mail to your Valentine(s). Send one of these fun e-cards.


You can go artsy with cards from MoMA.



Akihiko Tsukamoto. Man Kiss + Lady Kisses = Love. 1982


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3 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re going out or staying in, there is no reason not to treat yourself with love. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, I’ve picked out three little things you can do to indulge this Valentine’s Day.



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5 Sweet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Everyone deserves a little treat on Valentine’s Day. Upgrade from Hershey’s kisses and candy conversation hearts with these delicious finds sure to please anyone you’re sweet on.



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Help Etsy Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

Growing up, I was the girl who made her own Valentine’s Day cards to take to school. They weren’t always perfect or even that inspired, but I enjoyed making them. And this year I’m going to be making some again as part of Etsy’s project: Special Delivery Share Your Love 2011.




Keep reading to find out how you can join in on the crafting fun.


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Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Amy Atlas‘s latest creation is all the inspiration you’ll need to put together a totally sweet, exploding-with-pinks, impress-all-your-friends dessert table this Valentine’s Day. Talk about eye candy! 

Even if you’ve only got the time/energy/money to incorporate one of these adorable elements into your V-Day table, it’s sure to be a hit and add that special touch to even the most humble of celebrations. 

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The Easiest Valentines I’ve Seen

I love sending cards—holiday cards, birthday cards, cards for no reason. But I generally leave Valentine’s Day cards out of the mix, primarily because I’m still wiped out from sending holiday cards. (I actually made my cards for the first time this year. I was pretty excited with how they turned out, you can see a photo here.)

But this year, I’m reconsidering because I was tipped off to the Virtual Valentines section of Red Stamp’s site.

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Inspiration Board: Love in Bloom

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and lots of spring and summer wedding showers on the way, it’s safe to say that love is in the air! With that thought in mind, here’s a new “Love in Bloom” inspiration board featuring one of my favorite “romantic” color palettes – pink & gray.

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