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An Easy Way to Organize Small Toys

If one of the biggest mysteries in your house is “The Case of the Missing Barbie Shoe” consider this tip to prevent future inquisitions. Repurpose a plastic organizer with multiple compartments to keep all those small pieces organized and easy to see. There’s no guarantee that the occasional pink plastic pump won’t go missing, but you can significantly cut down […]

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A New Use for Puzzle Pieces

If one too many pieces has gone missing from you child’s favorite puzzle, turn it into kitchen or playroom decor by gluing magnets to the back. It will make the refrigerator seem more fun, and you won’t feel bad about toss all those pieces. Or, if you have a wooden puzzle that is still intact, but that has become a […]

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Anne-Claire Petit for Kids

Do you know the Dutch brand Anne-Claire Petit? “Anne-Claire Petit studied industrial design in Eindhoven and began her career as a designer for Esprit. After four successful years at the international label it was time to bring her inspiration and creativity to a higher level. The designer began her own label under the name anne-claire petit accessories.”

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