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Never Have A Wilted Salad Again, Thanks to This Easy Trick

This ingenious trick will not only save you time, it will save your salads too: Need to mix some greens together beforehand but don’t want to end up with a wilted mess on your hands? Just layer the salad ingredients. Take a bowl and place a layer of salad dressing at the bottom. Next, add your wilt-resistant vegetables and add-ins […]

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The One Tip That Will Change Your Laundry Routine

If you avoid doing laundry in the evening because you don’t want to wait up for it before you go to bed, this tip will change the way you do the wash. Experts agree that it’s actually okay to let your clothes sit in the washing machine overnight. That way you can transfer them to the dryer first thing in […]

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How an Olive Oil Cruet Can Help Keep Your Stove Clean

When you see this kind of bottle (technically called an olive oil cruet), you probably think salad dressings and pasta with fresh olive oil. But keeping one near your stovetop can actually help you keep your cooking surface clean, and prevent dried-on food splatters. Simply fill the bottle with water and a bit of mild dish detergent. Then when you’re […]

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The Fastest Way to Mince Garlic

Mincing garlic is a pain if your knife skills are less than stellar. So instead of trying to get a get a super fine dice with a knife, pull out your citrus zester. In just a few seconds you’ll have perfectly minced garlic for our Garlic Butter Rolls or whatever recipe you’re cooking up. Learn more with our Chopping Cheat […]

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Save Time When Cooking

When you’re making dinner tonight or tomorrow cut down on the time it takes you to both prepare your meal and clean up from it by adding one extra bowl to your counter. While chopping veggies put any scraps in a separate bowl instead of making frequent trips to the garbage can. Then once you’re done with the prep simply […]

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A Quick Trick to Dry Your Hair Faster

One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re saving time drying your hair is to ensure that your hair dryer is in tip-top shape. Maximize its performance by taking 2 minutes to clean the filter. Remove the filter from the back of the hair dryer and rub it clean (removing any lint or built up gunk) with a dry […]

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Start Doodling During Your Next Long Phone Call

Take advantage of the next lengthy phone call you make to your family or friends to do a little doodling. 




Keep reading to see why.

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Assemble Your Smoothie at Night to Save Time

Make your mornings easier by doing a little bit of prep work at night. After dinner, put all of the ingredients for your morning smoothie in the jar of your blender and store it in the refrigerator. Then in the morning just pull it out of the fridge, push a button, and breakfast is made.




Not sure what to put in your smoothie? Keep reading for some tasty recipe combinations.


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Did You Know That You Can Freeze Rice?

If dinnertime is a struggle because you don’t have enough time to make a full meal (and still eat before 9:45 pm) try this trick to cut down on prep time.

Next time you make rice, double the recipe and freeze the extra portions. That way next time you need rice for a meal it will take no more than 5 minutes to make.


Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions for freezing and reheating.

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The Difference Between Nonstop and Direct Flights

Did you know that nonstop flights and direct flights are not the same thing? And that one might get you there faster than the other.


Keep reading to find out which one you should be booking.


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