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A Few Words From the Author of The Postmistress

Hi, Bookies: A couple of questions came up in your discussion of The Postmistress, and Sarah Blake was happy to answer them for you. Question from Kristin Appenbrink: I wonder why Sarah Blake decided to leave all three of the main characters on their own in the end? Sarah Blake: As so often happens when writing a novel, characters arrive […]

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Announcing the December Book and The Postmistress: Part Three

First things first, I’m happy to report that I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith is the winner of our December book club. Check back later this week when Maura Fritz will introduce the herself and the book. And now on to The Postmistress.

Well, based on your comments from section two (and I’m sorry I’m belated in getting this post live), it seems like many of us are feeling the same way about the characters heading into this section.

I was happy to have the remainder of the story play out in Franklin, and I wasn’t surprised at all that Frankie went there. But I found it very interesting to see how she interacted with the people in the town. Before we get to that part, what did you think about Iris holding onto the letter from Will’s landlady? This was obviously the letter that wasn’t delivered—the one that was discussed in the introduction. Do you agree with her reasoning, that because it didn’t have a definite answer about whether or not Will was alive that it was better to wait until after Emma’s baby was born? Was she being considerate or cowardly?

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The Postmistress: Part Two

Based on all of your comments from last week, we all got off to a bit of a rocky start in terms of getting into the storyline. Hopefully, all you’re all intrigued now that we’ve moved on to the real meat of the story.

I’m curious to know what you think of each of the characters now that we’ve seen how they react to everything life throws at them. I love seeing the interaction between Iris and Emma—you can tell that Iris feels almost protective of Emma with Will away in London. What do you make of Will giving Iris the letter for Emma to be delivered if he dies while in London? What do you think the letter says?

I continue to love how Sarah Blake transitions from Frankie’s story back to the women in Franklin. I was especially moved by Iris’s reaction to Frankie’s broadcast about the people of London being heros—how Frankie has now redefined the nature of a hero in Iris’s mind.

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The Postmistress: Part One

Happy Thursday, bookies!


I hope you’re enjoying The Postmistress so far; I was intrigued based solely on the introduction penned by Frances Bard. Maybe I’m showing how rooted I am in the digital age here, but I didn’t feel the same kind of outrage over the idea of someone not delivering a letter—at least I wouldn’t in this day and age. But maybe that’s because most of the mail I get consists of bills, and I know that if one failed to arrive there would be another one shortly behind it. Plus, there’s about a million other ways to get in touch with me (phone, email, facebook, twitter, etc.). Did you have the same kind of reaction I did, or did you react like the characters in the book?


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