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Henrietta Lacks Author Rebecca Skloot Answers Your Questions

Currently on a book tour to promote the paperback release of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, author Rebecca Skloot made time to reply—at length and with great thought—to your questions. From discussion leader Erin Henry: I thought you did a great job of presenting both sides of the tissue rights debate fairly and objectively. Was this a struggle for […]

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Henrietta Lacks, Part 3: Immortality

Hi, Bookies: Welcome back! Before we dive into this week’s discussion, I’d like to share some exciting news: Rebecca Skloot has agreed to answer questions! If there is anything that you would like to ask the author, please post your questions in the comments section by Thursday, April 21, at 11:59 p.m. EST. In this week’s reading, Skloot introduces us […]

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Henrietta Lacks, Part 2: Death

Hello again, Bookies: Thank you for all of your insightful comments on last week’s post. I especially enjoyed the discussion about the doctors’ attitudes regarding their research. While some people thought Gey was taking advantage of the indigent population, many other posters had no qualms with his decision to take a tissue sample from Henrietta without her knowledge. I think […]

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Henrietta Lacks, Part 1: Life

Hello, Bookies: I am fascinated by the scope of this book. Rebecca Skloot is telling three distinct but intersecting stories: the gripping personal history of Henrietta Lacks; the scientific importance of HeLa; and Skloot’s relationship with the Lacks family. This structure really worked for me. Before reading, I was nervous that I would have a hard time getting a toehold […]

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Welcome, Bookies!

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