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Smart Product: Cloverware Nesting Utensils

It’s full on picnic season (that is if the rain plaguing parts of the country will ever stop). And to make your picnic basket packing even easier, try using these nesting utensils from Cloverwear:


Click through to see more about these smart picnic utensils.

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Which Sunscreen is Right for You?

Though you no doubt wear sunscreen year-round (right?), it’s especially important to wear it during the spring and summer when you’re spending more time outside. But how do you know which one is best for your skin? The key might be in the active ingredients.


Keep reading to find out the difference between the two most common active ingredients in sunscreen.


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Bronzer Tips From a Celebrity Makeup Artist

The minute summer is here, all I wish for is glowing bronzed skin. Of course, I’m not about to lay out because I still want healthy skin. My weapon of choice: bronzer. My only issue is how to apply it so it looks natural. Do you have that same problem?  Well last week I met Celebrity Makeup Artist Brett Freedman at an Elizabeth Arden press event, where he shared his insider tips on how to apply bronzer and what you should look for when shopping. Here’s what he had to say…




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How I’m Preparing My Skin for Summer

With these ever-changing temperatures, my face is starting to get a little weathered. Is yours as well? I found two treatments—an every-day and a nighttime routine—that have kept my skin glowing, soft, and clear.




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Get Excited: DEREK LAM + eBay

We have yet another high-to-low designer collaboration to get excited about! Yipee!


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Our Latest Beauty Obsession

Here in the office, we are like little girls in a candy shop when great new products come in.  Last year Tarte’s LipSurgance natural’s came out and we went wild trying all the different shades. The following fall we fell head over heels with their matte version (shown below). This month Tarte launched another update; making us swoon all over again.

LipSurgence MATTE

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Reader Q&A: How to Find a Natural Blush Color

Need help staying rosy but natural during winter months? Ask and you shall receive. Read on to learn my trick to keep my cheeks rosy and glowing until the sun comes back!

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Have You Ever Painted Your Home’s Exterior?

I know what you’re thinking–I’m an apartment dweller, what do I know about painting the outside of a house. But I will actually be traveling home next week, for a little working vacation to help my dad paint the house I grew up in, and where my parents still live. This will be the second time I’ve helped paint the house, but I’m guessing I’ll be more useful this time since I’m an adult. 


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Do You Have a Summer Air Conditioning Strategy?

So far in the northeast it has been a hot summer–and we’ve still got a couple of months to go before cooler weather sets in and we can uninstall our window air conditioners. Having grown up with central air (and never being allowed to mess with the thermostat) I never gave much thought to how to most effectively use air conditioning–both to stay comfortable and not waste money or electricity.

ToddMorris Flickr Air Conditioners in a Row

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Saving on Your Family’s Summer Vacation

Half of Americans are planning a vacation this summer, according to a recent survey of 2,000 adults conducted by American Express . Respondents plan to spend an average of $1,000 per person on summer travel, and 89 percent will stay in the U.S. More than half plan to take their getaway with family. Some 80 percent of respondents say they have a strategy to reduce the cost of their summer vacations; the most popular is driving instead of flying to their destination. Here are a few of ideas I’ve found to save on family travel.

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