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A New Meat for Your Grill

There’s nothing that says “summer” to me more than a backyard barbecue—I absolutely love them. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any outdoor space, so I have to rely on the few people I know who actually do have access to a grill—usually on a rooftop, very occasionally in a yard. So when a friend recently invited me to a […]

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ThredUP Summer Book Swap

We’ve written about thredUP, the site that allows you to swap the clothing your children have grown out of, before, but this week they launched a new program that will allow you to trade in books that your kids no longer read. Not only can you find new books to buy for your family, but if you list your books […]

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Gifts For Dad: Skagen Watches and More!

It’s time to show Dad some love! Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays for the simple fact that my humble and loving father gets the full spotlight! But, he’s not the easiest person to shop for. However, a few months back I overheard him say that he’s in the market for new watch. Jackpot! I knew the perfect […]

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Use Croquet Wickets as Hose Guides in Your Garden

After being coiled up all winter, stretching a rubber hose across your lawn might take a Herculean effort. And once you do manage to get it unwound, and aimed at the flower beds, you’ll need a way to keep it there. Instead of buying a set (or four) of hose guides, dig around in the back of your garage for […]

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“The $98 Bill” Designer Swimsuit by Norma Kamali

Finding an affordable high-quality swimsuit can be just as hard as finding a flattering one! But I think I may have found the double whammy we have all been searching for. Feast your eyes on “The $98 Bill” suit by Norma Kamali… This retro style nylon-and-Lycra suit (doesn’t it remind you of something Joan would wear on “Mad Men”?) boosts […]

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Save 20% on a Pocket-Size Umbrella

Attention bargain shoppers! Since we know how much you love those Discounts and Deals we feature in the magazine each month, we’ve decided it’s about time we bring you those same big-time savings online. What’s that mean exactly? More discounts! More frequently! More savings! From beauty tools and fashion finds to storage solutions and entertaining essentials, we’ve got cool picks […]

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Natural Mosquito Control to Keep the Party Outdoors

There’s nothing I enjoy more than warm weather, good friends, and a backyard gathering, but pesky mosquitoes can really spoil the party. I’ve already been to two parties at which guests were sent running indoors to escape the pests.

Bug spray seems like a simple solution, but I’m convinced I’m allergic to it. Plus, nobody likes to smell like they’ve bathed in a chemical cocktail.

To keep the party outdoors, I’ve rounded up some tips for natural mosquito control.

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Use Simple Syrup to Sweeten Iced Coffee

If you switch from hot to iced coffee as the temperatures rise, consider switching your sweetener as well. Subbing in simple syrup (a solution of sugar dissolved in water) for regular sugar, unless you like the taste of the sugar granules in your iced coffee, that is.

Keep reading for a bonus iced coffee making tip!

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USDA Revises Cooking Temperatures for Meat

You’ve likely heard that the USDA has revised their recommended safe cooking temperatures for a variety of cuts of meat. The one that is really causing a stir is pork. Previously, the USDA recommended that all cuts of pork be cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, but the new recommendations say it is safe to consume after cooking to 145 degrees Fahrenheit for medium.


052511-porkchopsrhubarbPork Chops with Tangy Rhubarb Chutney


What hasn’t changed is that all ground meat should still be cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum safety.


Do you follow the USDA guidelines and use an instant read thermometer when you cook meat?



Ask the Expert: Is Pork Really Safe at 145F?

10 Recipe Ideas for Pork Tenderloin

Summer Grilling Guidelines


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Summer Protection: For Your Locks

People always talk about SPF when you’re out in the sun, but I’m always worried about my hair. How about you? The frizz and the dryness are not so cute. Not too long ago, I spoke with stylist Marcos Diaz at ION Studio NYC and asked him to share some summer tips on how-to keep your mane looking shiny and smooth during this humid season.




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