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The Longest Lasting Condiment in Your Pantry

Do you know which one of your favorite condiments has the longest shelf life? You might think it’s honey, but it’s actually hot sauce! Even after it has been opened hot sauce can last in your pantry for 3 full years. Honey, on the other hand, should only be kept for about a year. Check out how to store oils, […]

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Where Do You Shop For Office Supplies?

It’s August 1st and I’m thinking about organization and making sure everything is in order before I begin traveling later this month and in September. The better organized I am, the happier I feel about leaving my husband alone for several weeks — it’s important that he knows where everything is in case I have to call from the road […]

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Organize Your Memories: Having Your Print Photographs Digitally Scanned

Our family moved in the month of March, and one of my biggest discoveries was a box full of print photographs and photo albums. A couple years ago, I had sent out thousands of images to be professionally scanned, and I thought I had sent out all of my printed pictures. Apparently, I was wrong. I’m now in the process […]

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How Do You Store Your Wine and Spirits?

With the holiday weekend rapidly approaching (I can’t believe it’s July already), many of you will probably be doing some entertaining. Which also means you’ll probably be drinking beer or wine or mixing some kind of cocktail. So in the spirit of that (no pun intended), I want to know where you keep your wine and spirits. Plus, I’ll show you a couple of my favorite options.

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