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Stationery That Makes Me Swoon

Have you met Mr. Boddington yet? If not, I’d love to introduce you. I’m pretty sure you’ll love him just as dearly as I do. He is so worldly and stylish. He makes me swoon. 

Mr. Boddington’s Studio is one of my all time favorite sources for stationery. They somehow manage to combine playfulness and sophistication in the most perfect way. 

This NYC-based design studio churns out everything from custom wedding invitations to gorgeous letterpress notecards for day to day correspondence, for clients across the country. The designs are unique, whimsical, and executed with the finest craftsmanship. They offer both letterpress and flat matte printing, and all envelope liners are hand-cut. The fonts and illustrations are just beyond adorable. 

Take a look at just some of the prettiness they’ve got going on…

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The Easiest Valentines I’ve Seen

I love sending cards—holiday cards, birthday cards, cards for no reason. But I generally leave Valentine’s Day cards out of the mix, primarily because I’m still wiped out from sending holiday cards. (I actually made my cards for the first time this year. I was pretty excited with how they turned out, you can see a photo here.)

But this year, I’m reconsidering because I was tipped off to the Virtual Valentines section of Red Stamp’s site.

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Tips for Managing the Card Chaos

One of the things about the holidays I enjoy most is receiving photo cards from far away friends. I love to see how my friends (or in most cases, their children) have changed from year to year. I also appreciate the time and creativity people expend creating their cards. Some friends really go all out, splurging on high end paper, professional photography and the like. Others simply insert a color snapshot into a standard holiday greeting card with a scribbled signature. It’s rare the number of friends who craft their cards by hand, but some still do! With the popularity of social networking sites and other technologies that have made mass communication easy and cheap, I fear the holiday card may soon fall the way of the handwritten note.

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Sayings to Write in Your Holiday Cards

I've decided to be ambitious this year and make my holiday cards, which means that I won't be able to rely on a pre-printed greeting and just sign my name. I could go with the generic "Happy Holidays," but if I'm taking the time to make the cards to begin with, I want to have a nice sentiment.   In […]

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Birthday Party Invites

People often ask me for recommendations when it comes to choosing an invitation for a special birthday party, bridal shower, or other such event that merits more than an Evite.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Evite – especially since they came out with these.

But there are certain times when a party calls for a mailed invitation, and you want that mailed invitation to say something about just what a splendid party it is going to be! What can I say – I’m a bit old fashioned in this regard – the invite sets the tone for the occasion.

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Printable Stationery

I’m a letterpress nut, but frequently prohibited by the price tag on stationery or even note cards. So in looking for a more affordable stationery solution, I came across printable stationery. There are tons of sellers on Etsy who sell printable stationery. Here are a few great ones I found. Keep reading to see the list.


(The photo is the print I made when I took a letterpress class at The Arm in Brooklyn last year.)

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Fugu Fugu Press

I’m sitting here with a stack of Fugu Fugu Press cards in front of me working on writing out goodbye and thank you notes since I’m in the process of moving and so many have helped me prepare. I owe a huge thanks to so many, so I’ve decided to…

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Paper Love: Whimsy Press

For all my fellow “modern paper” lovers – here’s something that should make you swoon! Whimsy Press – the fabulous online shop that started out with amazing designer gift wrap and expanded into much, much more – from notecards and wine tags to eco-chic totes and baby onesies – is having an amazing summer sale: 60% off EVERYTHING!

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Loving Red… Stylish Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re on the lookout for some great gift ideas for mom, check out these fabulous products from that flaunt stylish patterns and rich, lovely shades of red.


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Paper Products From Cartolina & GreetQ

My eyes light up whenever I’m lucky enough to receive a card, what about you? Knowing how happy it makes me is all the motivation I need to send one in return. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always on the hunt for the best and most unusual stationery. I also like greeting cards for another reason – some are great for framing. Would you like to learn about two great card resources today? If you aren’t in the habit of sending cards, would you like a tip on how to become a card your friends will love?

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