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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Mail a Paper Thank You Note…

A couple of weeks ago (well before Earth Day) I raised the question on this blog of whether traditional thank you notes are becoming obsolete. A few readers may have noticed my gentle attempt to sway opinion when I suggested: “So maybe it has become wasteful—or, dare I say, impolite?—to cut down another forest so we can mail anachronistic paper thank you notes.”


“Wrong!” you answered (pretty much universally).

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Did You Forget to Send a Card? Last-Minute E-Valentines

Just in case you didn’t get a card in the mail to your Valentine(s). Send one of these fun e-cards.


You can go artsy with cards from MoMA.



Akihiko Tsukamoto. Man Kiss + Lady Kisses = Love. 1982


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Help Etsy Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

Growing up, I was the girl who made her own Valentine’s Day cards to take to school. They weren’t always perfect or even that inspired, but I enjoyed making them. And this year I’m going to be making some again as part of Etsy’s project: Special Delivery Share Your Love 2011.




Keep reading to find out how you can join in on the crafting fun.


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Which Do You Prefer to Write With: Pens or Pencils?


Ever since we were allowed to make the switch in late grade school from pencil to pen for our homework, I’ve stuck almost exclusively with pens. But lately there are some things that are just better in pencil (like my ever-morphing to-do list.)

So, because I’m an office supply addict, I started a search for pretty pencils to have on my desk (and a few new pretty pens for good measure). Keep reading to see what I found.


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Letterbox Co. + DIY Number Stencils

After I wrote this post on decor8 the other day, a bunch of readers wrote in asking for tips on where to find some of the items shown in some of the photos. I did a little research and found the Letterbox Co. — have you heard of this quaint Australian online shop? It’s a lovely find for you today, the goods are simple and nice… I particularly love the natural paper tape, kraft paper, stenciled numbers adorning tags and clipboards, and other understated beauties.

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Looking For Lovely Cards To Send?

If you are looking for lovely letterpress cards to send this season, or for a stunning calendar for 2011, or even some button coasters for your next cocktail party then look no further than Parrott Design Studio. I love designer Sarah Parrott’s work, her letterpress impressions are so deep and the cotton paper she uses is so sumptous and lovely. And… you can now take 10% off! More on that below…

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Guest Curator Gig on Felt & Wire Shop

It’s no secret that I’m a huge stationery addict. I love cards and hand-written notes. (Kind of ironic since I’m a web editor, I guess.) And above all else, I want stationery that’s well-designed.


(Sweet Snarky Mini Cards by Constellation & Co. $15 on Felt & Wire)

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Custom Calligraphy Stamp from Primele on Etsy

I spotted these beautiful calligraphic return address stamps on Oh Joy! last week, and I’m completely in love with them. I don’t yet have return address stickers (maybe due to budget cuts at the various charities that normally send them out to entice you to donate), so this is going on my wishlist. 

From the side they look so unassuming, just like any other old return address stamp.



But when you see what is actually printed when you stamp:

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This Made My Afternoon: Squibnocket Cards Available Online

I was catching up on my blog reading over lunch today and I came across a post on Shelterrific about Squibnocket Cards. The bloggers over there have finally unearthed an online retailer for these hilarious and quirky cards written and designed by Lane Walker Foard.

I’ve only come across these cards in person in one store in the town of Lawrence, Kansas back when I was in high school. And I’ve kept an eye out for them in stationery stores and online ever since. I actually have a stockpile of them that I never planned on sending because I just couldn’t give them up. That might change now that I have an online source for them.

So now that I’ve gushed about how great these cards are, click through to see some examples.

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Do You Send Moving Announcements?

When I moved from Kansas City to New York, I sent moving announcements. But I'm debating whether I should this time or not. I do love sending and receiving mail, but I'm torn over whether they are worth sending this time. Supposing I do decide to send them, I'll probably make my own, but I've been looking for inspiration, and […]

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