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Email Wedding Invitations: ‘Reply All’ to RSVP?

More and more people are skipping paper wedding invitations to send email instead. A new article (written by one of my students at Columbia University) describes the trend: “There are good reasons a growing number of couples go digital when they send wedding invitations: It saves money, reduces your carbon footprint and can efficiently reach friends scattered around the world,” […]

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Valentine’s Day Cards + Gifts

Being a paper/stationery nut, I’ll look for any excuse to send cards or write letters. So Valentine’s Day is right up my alley. Here are some of my favorite cards and small, mailable gifts for this year. Just Sending You Some Love card, $3, by Mary Kate McDevitt on Etsy Valentine’s Day Multipack, $15 for 8, by Tattly Designy Temporary […]

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Last-Minute Pet-Themed E-Cards

Let’s face it. It takes a juggler to take care of our families, keep up with our busy lives, and send out our holiday cards ahead of or on time. Right? If, like me, your anxiety has been building with every mailbox incursion of another holiday greeting card, you can breathe a sigh of relief. E-cards are your friend, and […]

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Found: The lost art of letter writing

“When writing common letters (not formal), whose name comes first when closing, male or female?” This week’s etiquette question, posted online, comes from a reader named Neverbeold, who is to be congratulated for having both time and inclination to write real letters on paper.  (It has been so long since I wrote a letter that my penmanship has become a crabby […]

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I’m So Happy You Invited Me…Unless It’s a Secret Insult!

“I moved my retired parents into my home with me,” a reader named Jeffrey25 wrote recently. Now, however, his cousin has sent a wedding invitation — in an envelope addressed to his parents that demotes him to the status of tag-along guest: “Mrs. and Mrs. Smith and Family.” Should Jeffrey25 feel offended? “Does this seem a little odd? Should I […]

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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: DIY Stamp Wedding Invitations

I really wanted our invitations to set the tone of the wedding (fun and laid back) while also reflecting Rahsaan and I as a couple (again, fun and laid back)! I’ve had a love affair with paper since I can remember, which I’m sure is one of the many reasons I became a writer. Stationary, notebooks, handwritten letters and even […]

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Reply All? Email Etiquette Tips

We had a neighborhood potluck dinner the other night. We all got email assignments about what to bring. My friend Tina (cheese and crackers, veggies and dip) showed up with two big platters — and was shocked to see that the host had already laid out a spread of the same stuff. “I thought you said I should bring that,” […]

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Handwriting in the Digital Age

What to do when you are the mother of a nine-year-old boy with atrocious handwriting? Since my son first learned to hold a pencil, he has produced letters that are borderline illegible. Starting in kindergarten, his teachers would point out his lack of skill in this area. As a result, we’ve tried a number of interventions including occupational therapy consults. […]

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Smart Product: Whitelines Notebooks

Last week on our Facebook page, we asked how you organize your to-do list, and the resounding response (with 1,716 votes) was that you use pen and paper. So, we’re betting that you’ll like Whitelines, a clever notebook company that has pulled a switcheroo on the traditional lined notebook.




Keep reading to find out what makes Whitelines so unique.


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A Clever Way to Ask Friends to Be in Your Wedding via OhHi Shop

One of our favorite crafty design bloggers, Laura from OhHi Shop, recently got engaged. And, of course, she came up with a creative way to ask her friends to be a part of her big day. Check out the invites she sent them.




They look pretty simple, but what until you see what’s inside.


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