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Hearty Winter Soup

I love making big batches of soup in the winter and eating them for days and days. It’s always amazing how the flavor changes and morphs as the soup ages. Above is my latest creation—Merguez sausage, butternut squash, collard greens, and white beans. The sausage is from my favorite new butcher—The Meat Market in Great Barrington, MA. They have such […]

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A Vegetarian Chili (With Chocolate?) for Dinner

Since I’m all about meatless meals and simmering big pots of warm, comforting stews on my stove these days, naturally I made another vegetarian chili recipe recently. This one was very rich and hearty, thanks to two kinds of beans (kidney and chickpeas) and the “secret” ingredient—chocolate.



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A Delicious Meatless Chili Recipe

In an effort to be healthier this year, I’ve been cooking and eating a lot more meatless meals. A recent favorite was our White Bean Chili With Jalapeño Bulgur. Like pretty much all of our recipes, this one was simple to make. The cumin and chili powder gave the chili some great spice (I doubled the cumin because I love it so much), and with all the healthy beans and rich tomatoes, I didn’t miss the meat at all.


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Use a Canning Jar to Bring Soup for Lunch via TheKitchn

Last month, TheKitchn instituted Soup Week, and one of their readers sent in a great tip about how to bring for lunch.




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Mom’s Must-Have Corn Soup Recipe

Every time I’m at my parents’ house for dinner and my mom says there’s soup on the menu, I always ask hopefully, “Corn soup?” The last time this happened was on Thanksgiving Day, and sadly, she was not serving corn soup. When my uncle’s family came over for Thanksgiving dinner later that night and my mom mentioned soup, my aunt also perked up. “Corn soup?” she asked, with that same hopeful note in her voice that I recognized all too well. And like me, she was disappointed when the answer was no.

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