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Getting LinkedIn

Whether you call yourself a small business owner, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, chances are you are always thinking about your business and where to get more of it. One place to look: LinkedIn.
I’ve been on LinkedIn for a while now, and I have hundreds of contacts. And yet I’m not using this valuable tool as much as I should. If you’re job hunting or looking to make new business contacts, there’s no better place to start than with the contacts you already have. Here are a few simple tips to enhance your LinkedIn experience:

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For Some, Google Buzz is a Buzzkill

In my last post, I wondered whether people were tiring of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Immediately after writing that post I decided to give up Facebook for the 40 days for Lent. It’s been six days since I last updated my status and I’m finding it much easier than giving up wine or sweets, my usual Lenten sacrifices. So the last thing I needed was yet another social networking tool popping up uninvited in my Gmail box.

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How Dependent Are You on Your Favorite Social Network?

Along with millions of others, I had trouble accessing my Facebook account the other day. And now that I can, the messages in my inbox seem to have disappeared. Facebook has been experiencing lots of problems in the past few days, most related to technical issues with one of its databases that the company says it is working on.

The fact that a website is having technical difficulties is not news, for sure. But the reaction by members of the popular social network is a sure sign of how dependent we are becoming on networks like Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family–and to network about our work and our search for new work.

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How Often Are Your Kids on Social Networks?

We parents of teens know social networks like Facebook are a big part of their social lives, just as we know texting on phones has replaced calling for lots of back-and-forth chit chat. But Common Sense Media recently took a look at kids’ actual social network activity versus parents’ perception of how often they check in with friends online, and the results are pretty interesting.

About 22 percent of teenagers surveyed said they check social networks more than 10 times a day, but only 4 percent of parents said they think their kids are checking in that often.

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Twitter: Create A Pretty Page

Do you use Twitter? Looking to dress up your twitter page? I created my own using a photo of my inspiration board but after finding this great site called..

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