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Pre-Workout Snacks

We’ve all heard the advice that you should eat before you hit the gym, but finding the right snack isn’t always easy. Our friends at Fitsugar have come up with a handy chart of foods to eat (and foods to avoid) before working out depending on how much time you have beforehand. If you like to grab a snack on […]

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Planning Your Snacks

I’m learning that one of the biggest hurdles to healthy-ing up your diet, whether or not you’re looking to lose weight, is going about it without a plan. Heather calls this the Freestyle Devil. Making proclamations like, “I’m going to eat better” or “I’m going to just cut down a little” aren’t quite specific enough to result in success (how […]

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How to Create a Snack Station

Whether you have kids back in school (or you’re just trying to be a bit more healthy and organized) make healthy snacking easier by creating two snack stations, one of for the refrigerator and one for the pantry. Here’s what should go in each: In the pantry: Nuts, pre-portioned cereal bags, dried fruit or fruit leathers, graham crackers. In the […]

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Easy, On-the-Go Snacks

If you’re squeezing in a vacation before the kids go back to school. Here are some great ideas for packaging snacks on the go from Choose to Thrive Blog: 1. Pack celery sticks and peanut butter in a plastic jar for easy scooping. 2. Nestle a baby food jar or small condiment jar in a plastic cottage cheese container to […]

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Save Money by Packing Snacks for the Plane

With high ticket prices and baggage fees, traveling is expensive enough. So instead of opting for the sometimes less than appetizing airline food or the unhealthy snack options at the newsstand in the terminal—pack a snack that you can take on the plane. One of our favorite food blogs, TheKitchn, did a round-up of their 15 best recipes for travel. […]

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Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Have you ever thought that your biggest skin battles could be solved by adjusting what you’re digesting? Written by a dermatologist who admits to barely knowing how to cook, Dr. Wu’s book on the how-to of consuming the right foods for every skin problem–from acne to wrinkles–has become one of my recent favorites.




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Kick-Start Your New Year: Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just eat healthier this year, keeping low-calorie snacks that still fill you up on hand is key.


Instead of hitting up the vending machine, reach for these healthy options.


Apple slices dipped in almond butter

Keep reading for more healthy snack ideas.

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