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Pick Your Perfect Heel Height

If one of your struggles is finding heels in the perfect height, this site is for you. Chromatic Gallerie offers a range of heels (in both suede and leather), but you get to pick the heel height. Currently the site offers either two- or three-inch heels, but will soon offer four-inch heels as well. Hopefully they continue to offer new […]

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An Easy Fix to Save Your Shoes

If you’re hard on your pumps, one of the first things to wear out will be the tips on the end of the heels. Luckily, you won’t need to take them to a cobbler to get them fixed. Instead, replace the tips yourself, all it takes is a pair of pliers, replacement tips, and a hammer. Just follow these steps: […]

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Make Your Shoes Last Longer

One of the quickest ways to damage your nice heels is to drive in them. Because of the way your foot is angled on the pedals in your car, your right heel will scuff and scrape faster than your left heel, leaving you with a mismatched set of sorts. So instead of wearing pumps when you drive, keep a pair […]

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How to Find Comfortable Shoes

When shopping for heels, the easiest way to guarantee they’ll be comfortable is to make sure that you have enough room around your toes. Check these two things when you’re shopping to pick the best pumps for you: Test for cushioning. When you press down on the sole in the ball area of the shoe, it should give a little […]

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Supinator, Pronator, or Neutral: What’s Your Foot Type?

Figuring out your foot type before heading out to buy new running shoes or cross-trainers, can help you narrow the field and (hopefully) try on fewer pairs. Here’s how to tell if you’re a supinator, pronator, or if you have a neutral gait based on a pair of broken-in flats. 1. Supinator: If your shoes are worn on the outer […]

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Cute Sandals…for Ugly Feet

I recently received a distressed note from a reader about shoes and the trouble she was having finding pretty sandals (read: not closed-toe flats) for her not-so-pretty feet. I quickly realized that she had made a valid point. As a runner, my feet are often callused and blistered, and I’m sure that other athletes and non-athletes alike suffer from similar issues. […]

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The Season’s Best Espadrilles Under $100

Espadrilles have come a long…and stylish way from their humble beginnings during the 1800s in the Pyrenees mountains. Can you believe these warm weather standbys used to be considered peasant shoes?

Now you can find just about any variation of espadrille–from casual to classy and low sandals to sky high wedges. And according to Yahoo, both flat and wedge espadrilles are the season’s must-have shoes!


Here is a roundup of the season’s best espadrilles for under $100


Nine West Lazar espadrille, $99




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