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Save 20% on Fun Ice Cream Sandwich Makers

If you haven’t heard, ice cream is what we’re thinking about this July. So, while discounts and deals are what we’re always thinking about on this blog, we have some great (dare we say even delicious?) savings on some of our favorite treats like these adorable and easy-to-use ice cream sandwich making molds. Did you ever think you’d see the […]

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What Would You Change If You Knew Your Lifespan?

I recently did a story on a new test from a firm called Life Length, which purports to predict someone’s lifespan by using the science of telomeres. They are structures located at the tips of chromosomes; researchers have found people with shorter-than-average telomeres die sooner, although habits such as diet and exercise can make a difference.

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Close Your Shades to Save Energy

Another easy way to cut down your electric bill this spring and summer: Keep your shades closed especially on the west- and south-facing windows of your home. Doing so prevents your home from being heated by the sun and making your cooling system work harder.




In the colder months do the opposite. Keep your shades up during the day if you can to take advantage of the sun’s energy.


What do you do to keep your electric bills low during the summer?


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Do You Shop Online Sample Sales for Home Decor?

Fashion companies kicked off the craze of online sample sale shopping (hello, Gilt Groupe!), but the brands that make decor weren’t far behind. And now it seems like there are a million sites out there that promise the best home goods without the designer prices.

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How Much Water Do Low-Flow Showerheads Save?

Switching out your showerhead for a low-flow model is one of the easiest changes you can make to save water. But how much of an impact is it acutally making?



Keep reading to find out how much water you can actually save.

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Energy Saving Tip: Insulate Your Outlets

It’s amazing how all those little energy leaks add up. For example, if you have an older home and there are gaps around your electrical outlets, your heating or air conditioning is likely escaping making your utility bills just a little bit more expensive each month. The good news, is that those leaks are easy to fix.


Keep reading to find out how to stop this energy thief.


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Which Should You Splurge On: Day Cream or Night Cream?

Drugstore vs. department store. Bargain bin vs. beauty counter. You can find great products that work well at both places, but sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit extra for a specific product. When it comes to day and night facial moisturizers, you can afford to save on one, but it’s better to splurge on another.


Keep reading to find out when to spend and when to save.

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Getting More Financial Help for College

Many college-bound seniors have just received notice from the schools of their choice. Now it’s time to finance the adventure. When it comes to paying for college, the rules of the financial aid game are changing. Cash-strapped states are cutting the number of students who receive aid as well as the total amount of aid — and in some cases, may not be able to make good on money they’ve already promised. Here’s what you need to know.

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Make a Shopping List to Save at the Grocery Store

Along with not going to the supermarket hungry, making a shopping list is one of the most effective ways to avoid making impulse purchases. An extra few things here and there might not seem like a bit deal, but you might be surprised at how much you actually save by sticking to your list.


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A Reality Check for Your Finances

MSN Money Columnist Liz Weston is out with a new book “The Ten Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy.” It’s a refreshingly no-nonsense read that steers clear of superficial advice like “clip coupons, get rid of the cable” and cuts right to the chase with simple formulas to get your finances in order.

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