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‘Waiter, There’s a Fly in My Undercooked Salmon’

I still the remember the only time, many years ago, when I dared to send food back at a restaurant. Two minutes later, the chef showed up at the table – with a cleaver. “What’s the problem?” he asked in a menacing tone. (Of course, when you are holding a big knife, any tone sounds menacing.) “The salmon is still […]

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A New Use for a Paper Napkin Wrapper via Lifehacker

If you enjoy going out to eat with friends (and really, who doesn’t?) This new use for a paper napkin wrapper from Lifehacker.


Keep reading to find out what the new use is.

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Calorie Counts on Menus—Friend or Foe?

A recent study found that children and teens pretty much ignore calorie counts posted on fast-food menus (which is required in New York City). While the kids noticed the calories posted, they ordered whatever they wanted regardless. No big surprise there—how many kids do you know are going to order the salad instead of the cheeseburger because it’s 200 fewer calories?

But what about you? Do you notice when calorie counts are posted, and does it affect what you order?

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Get Visual Food Recommendations with Foodspotting

This weekend, as you’re deciding where to go out to eat, try using the Foodspotting app or website.




Keep reading to learn what Foodspotting is.

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Finally, a List I Can Get Behind: The 100 Greatest Cult Restaurants in America

Every year, dozens of publications and critics and “foodies” come out with a list of the Top 100 Restaurants in the World, or the Top 50 Restaurants in the U.S., or some variation on that theme. Inevitably, those lists feature high-end, ultra-expensive restaurants that mere mortals like myself can rarely (if ever) afford (Over $400 per person for a meal at Masa in NYC? Um…I’ll wait until I win the lottery, thanks), and/or restaurants in far-flung places that I haven’t traveled to yet, like Slovenia, Finland, and Macau (I know, I really need to cross some of these places off my destination list).


So I was happy to see that just came out with their own list: The 100 Greatest Cult Restaurants in America. But what exactly is a “cult” restaurant?

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Mothers, Manners, and Madness

Last week I
wrote about my ambivalence regarding modern technology. Now, I’m hardly the
first person to whine about the social pollution of cell phones,texts, and
iPads. But I knew the manners-meets-technology conversation had officially
gone off the rails when recently, at an opening-night reception for my
husband at an art gallery in Chelsea, my mother’s cell phone started ringing and
she answered it.  My very proper mother who prizes politeness above all
else answered her cell phone and proceeded to shout into the phone,
“I can’t hear you, it’s very noisy in here!”

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