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Save 20% on a Pocket-Size Umbrella

Attention bargain shoppers! Since we know how much you love those Discounts and Deals we feature in the magazine each month, we’ve decided it’s about time we bring you those same big-time savings online. What’s that mean exactly? More discounts! More frequently! More savings! From beauty tools and fashion finds to storage solutions and entertaining essentials, we’ve got cool picks […]

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Natural Mosquito Control to Keep the Party Outdoors

There’s nothing I enjoy more than warm weather, good friends, and a backyard gathering, but pesky mosquitoes can really spoil the party. I’ve already been to two parties at which guests were sent running indoors to escape the pests.

Bug spray seems like a simple solution, but I’m convinced I’m allergic to it. Plus, nobody likes to smell like they’ve bathed in a chemical cocktail.

To keep the party outdoors, I’ve rounded up some tips for natural mosquito control.

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Smart Product: Lens Cap Holder on Kickstarter

If you have a tendency to lose things, this lens cap holder is perfect for you. Next time you’re taking photos of your kids, or of all the places you visit on vacation, you can stash your lens cap on a holder on your camera strap.

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Road Test: What Do You Want To Read About?

Every month Real Simple features a beauty road test story. In the last couple months we’ve covered a variety of products from eye shadows to primers. But when planning for some future issues, I thought to myself, what ado online readers want to see in this column. So I’m asking for you some help…

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Smart Product: Cloverware Nesting Utensils

It’s full on picnic season (that is if the rain plaguing parts of the country will ever stop). And to make your picnic basket packing even easier, try using these nesting utensils from Cloverwear:


Click through to see more about these smart picnic utensils.

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Which Sunscreen is Right for You?

Though you no doubt wear sunscreen year-round (right?), it’s especially important to wear it during the spring and summer when you’re spending more time outside. But how do you know which one is best for your skin? The key might be in the active ingredients.


Keep reading to find out the difference between the two most common active ingredients in sunscreen.


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Smart Product: Whitelines Notebooks

Last week on our Facebook page, we asked how you organize your to-do list, and the resounding response (with 1,716 votes) was that you use pen and paper. So, we’re betting that you’ll like Whitelines, a clever notebook company that has pulled a switcheroo on the traditional lined notebook.




Keep reading to find out what makes Whitelines so unique.


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Smart Product: “A Date with Wine” Wine Stopper

Avoid wasting an almost full bottle of wine by forgetting when you opened it with this clever wine stopper designed by le mouton noir & co.


When you’re ready to put that half-finished bottle away, simply turn the dial so that day’s date is lined up. That way you’ll know for sure how long the wine has been open, and how much longer you have to enjoy it.

Keep reading for details on where to buy it, plus ideas for what to do with leftover wine.

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Do or Don’t: Hair Extensions

Up until a few months ago, my hair was almost to my waist and I loved the long wavy locks. Then I got a new job and decided to chop it (more than 7 inches) for a chicer look. Since then I’ve been battling my now shoulder length hair. I was hoping all of you would give me your thoughts on a possible solution to my blasé attitude towards my hair.

 Model-long-hair_300 <br

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Earth-Friendly Beauty Favorites

In celebration of Earth Day, I decided to wrangle together some of my favorite eco-friendly beauty brands. From head to toe, these 6 brands keep us beautiful without doing harm to our home.



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