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Favorite Things – What Are Yours?

When I relocated to Germany last month, I asked some of my favorite people to hop on my blog, decor8, for a few weeks and share a few of their favorite things. If you’d like to view these posts, please click here. I was surprised and amazed by their picks – surprised because I guess I didn’t expect some of the favorites they highlighted and amazed in that each contributor attached so much sentimental value to their chosen items. When it comes right down to it, it appears as though our favorite things are always the ones that cannot be easily replaced (or replaced at all), doesn’t it? Wouldn’t this be a great idea for a magazine column by the way?

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Favorite “Pink Product” – So Far

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and “pink” products are popping up everywhere I look – from cookies to socks to skin creams. This makes me happy for 2 reasons:

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Bistro Chairs – Your Opinion?

We all love the idea of dining at an outdoor cafe in Paris, but let’s face it — how many of those charming cafes have truly comfortable seating? When in Paris, we do what we must do — plus we’re so in awe of the gorgeous city we’re not really thinking about comfort or space… But for times when you are looking to linger over coffee with a friend, I think comfortable and stylish seating is important. Here are some chairs I have to share with you today that caught my eye are being both modern and cozy…

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Pine Cone Hill – 4 Must Haves

I must confess, there’s no luxxury quite like fine bedding and gorgeous linen drapes that are well made and last forever. More and more I’m looking to buy quality over quantity, even if it means taking time to save up for the better, longer lasting, items. You spend a good chunk of your life in bed, why not treat yourself to a restful slumber? That’s why I like Pine Cone Hill — you get what you pay for. Here are four divine finds from…

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Why I Love Ziploc Bags.

I’ve always loved Ziplog bags, but it seemed very wasteful to buy a plastic bag, only to throw it away. (I’m not one of those people who will wash and re-use Ziploc bags). When my mother came to visit, however, she bought me a big assortment of bags, in all sizes – my favorites are the cunning “snack” size and the enormous two-gallon size. With all those Ziploc bags in the house, I caved. I couldn’t resist all that handiness. Now I use Ziploc bags all the time. Some suggestions:

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Grow House Grow (Wallpapers)

Have you heard of Grow House Grow? They are a hand printed wallpaper company in Brooklyn designed by Katie Deedy. All of her patterns are based on narrative (her Spring ’08 line was based on children’s book characters), with Spring 2009 Parlour Room Collection influenced by three individuals from history…

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8 Great White Pedestal Servers

Pedestal servers (or “footed dishes”) are such superstars when it comes to serveware! Not only do they make a wonderful difference in the look of any buffet by introducing levels & adding visual interest, but they’re also wonderful elements for creating decorative centerpieces, displaying party favors, and more.


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Fun At Breakfast With Takae Mizutani

I found the cutest thing ever for the breakfast table… The new egg and soldiers set by London-based independent designer Takae Mizutani. Your little food soldiers mount on horseback and ride to attack the egg castle… certainly you must love these darling things as much as I do? They are…

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Introducing Mrs Meyers Scent Free Cleaning Products

Love Mrs Meyers products, but need something that doesn’t have a strong scent? (I love the geranium dryer sheets, but man are they powerful!) You’re in luck with the line of scent-free products that Mrs Meyers just recently introduced.

Continue reading to see which products are available for purchase now.

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Orla Kiely for Target + Party Inspiration

Since the 1990’s, Orla Kiely has been bringing fresh, bold patterns to life in everything from womenswear and accessories to travel products and homeware. Her colorful & contemporary signature style definitely shines through in all of her collections!

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