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Max Wanger Photography + Postcards For Sale

Max Wanger is a brilliant photographer who has an online portfolio that will make your heart do a happy dance, especially if you’re a romantic at heart. I love browsing his work because it is so joyful and bright plus the light feels so warm and welcoming in his photos. Maybe it’s because I’m freezing where I live, but I’m drawn in to the warm glow of sunshine and outdoor shots so much right now!

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12 Great Photos To Frame

Would you like to see some beautiful photographs for under $55 (most of them are around $25) that you can frame and put in your home for the new year? I have off this week, which has been wonderful by the way, and one thing I find myself doing a lot of is shopping online (sorry, husband!). While browsing for pretty things, I started to notice a theme — I’m collecting lots of great photographs and adding them to my wish list, all are from Etsy shops, so I thought I’d quickly round up 12 great photos for the new year that certainly can bring in a beautiful feeling of peace, joy and hope for an even better year ahead!

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Laura Evans Photography

Laura Evans is an American photographer and military wife living in Germany where her husband is currently stationed. She has a degree in photography and teaching experience as a photography technician assisting children. For the past five years, she has been freelancing and with her recent move to Germany, has been busy setting up her own business. She sells her whimsical fine art photography in her etsy store, which is how I found her, and I think her prints are very nice and that you’ll enjoy her perspective… so have a look and let me know what you think!

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The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

I came across Sharon Montrose’s photography awhile ago on Etsy and fell in love with it. I am completely in awe of her ability to capture the animals (especially the baby animals) that she photographs in such wonderful poses. Take a look at one of my favorite examples, the baby giraffe series:




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