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Hobnob Trashcans

When you are entertaining usually what to do with your garbage is an afterthought. In reality there aren’t a lot of good solutions. Your normal garbage cans probably can’t handle all your party guests which means you’ll be emptying garbage in the middle of the party. Your other option is a garbage sack sitting limp in the corner–not the best […]

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Tops Malibu

Tops Malibu is a party supply store from Oregon that produces really beautiful and sweet party supplies. Love them!

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Mimi’s Circus

My friend Fergi is the best person to follow on Pinterest because she finds all the obscure treasures all over the internet and collects them all in one place. Her latest find are these birthday kits from the Danish company Mimi’s Circus. They are sweet curated birthday kits for kids. Everything from treat bags to decorations all in perfect taste. […]

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Chalkboard Idea + Donut Shower

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I love this donut wedding shower that was thrown by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. For the food table there were cakestands and plates piled high with treats and the silverware and cups artfully arranged. But the best part was the chalkboard behind the food that playfully labelled and pointed out all the […]

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To Invite or Not to Invite?

My brother and I are planning a summer weekend in the Catskills for our friends in late June. We’ve been talking about it for months but, with only a few weeks left until the date, we’re finally getting around to figuring out all the logistics.


We have a place to stay and we’ve discussed everything from transportation from the city to food and drinks. There’s only one minor detail we have yet to sort – the guest list.



Even though I love to entertain, my blood pressure starts to rise when it’s time to think about who to invite. It’s true that the right guests can make or break a party – you want your event to have a convivial atmosphere. But, for me, finding kind and fun people to invite isn’t the problem.


Instead, the burden is limiting my invitees. If you can only include a few friends how do you choose who to extend an invitation to and who to leave out? And what about significant others – do you include someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend no matter how little you may know about them?

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D.I.Y. Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

If you can’t head “off to the races,” you might as well bring the races to your living room. Whether you plan to have friends over for an informal get-together or have a quiet afternoon enjoying the derby with your family, some of these festive DIY projects are fairly irresistible.


If you admired the sea of beautiful hats at Royal Wedding, you’re in luck because the Kentucky Derby continues that tradition. Big, bold sunhats are a Derby essential. Women’s hats are typically wide-brimmed and embellished with flowers, bows and ribbon. While store-bought hats are lovely, they can be pricey! Luckily, DailyCandy has an easy tutorial to create your own less expensive headpiece. I love their simple hat, but I’d opt to hot glue a few flowers on to the ribbon as well.

Hat-a-tude Kentucky Derby hat

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An Egg-cellent Easter Tradition

Hi Real Simple readers! I’m Brigitt Hauck, the latest addition to the team and the new holidays and entertaining blogger. As an editorial assistant for the online team, I’ll be writing some of the site’s newsletters and helping the editors with a wide range of projects. I must confess, I’m really excited to share my thoughts on holidays and entertaining with you (and hear what you have to say). I come from a big, close-knit family (my maternal extended family all reside within 5 miles of each other), so holidays are always over-the-top and I’m no stranger to hosting a party or two.


In fact, with Easter being this weekend, my family has a very important affair planned–our annual egg dyeing party.

Danas egg 

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Blah blah blah, she said. Rescue me!

Recently a reader wrote in with an etiquette dilemma we all face. Sometimes it happens at a party. Or with a colleague at work. Or when you get stuck with a certain sort of a seatmate on a plane. …

francesca1: What is a graceful but effective way to escape people who talk too much? Also, what is a nice way to end a conversation?

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Derby Drinks

There is nothing associated quite as strongly with the Kentucky Derby as the Mint Julep. Perhaps big, crazy-looking hats come in at a close second. I love a good reason to indulge in some bourbon – it’s such a rare event for me; even better when it’s served in a pretty silver cup. 

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Cheese, Please

Is there anything better in life than really, really good cheese? Yes. Really, really good cheese that is shipped to your home directly from France. is my new favorite website. It’s basically like walking into a gourmet cheese shop in Paris stocked with hundreds of cheeses – but from the comfort of your own living room. 

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