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One Day’s David Nicholls Answers Your Questions [SPOILER ALERT!]

Hello, Bookies:



In the NOBC in-box this morning: author David Nicholls’ answers to your questions about One Day. Big note: There are major plot spoilers discussed below, so we urge you not to read this post without first finishing the book.


From Danielle Virgin, discussion leader:

1. At any point did you consider the possibility of Emma and Dex not being together?


2. Was it difficult to write how these characters evolved, considering we have only a glimpse of their lives from one year to the next?



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One Day, Part 4, Late Thirties [SPOILER ALERT!]

Hi, Bookies: I have to admit that as much as I wanted Dex and Emma to get together, when it happened I was surprised that they were finally able to admit their feelings and fears, but frankly was more surprised that the two of them seemed to finally grow up. Did anyone else find themselves a bit taken aback that […]

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One Day, Part 3: Early Thirties

Hi, Bookies: I was pleased to see that most of us had hoped that the scene on the street was Dex’s low point. None of us could tolerate much more of a downward spiral. I was surprised that Dex would get involved with someone as “straitlaced” as Sylvie. Sylvie was somewhat controlling, but I do feel like her control came […]

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One Day, Part 2: Late Twenties

Hi there, Bookies! It was nice to see so many comments from folks who could relate to some of the book’s situations. Nothing can really prepare you for the anxiety that settles in once your young hope and enthusiasm has been replaced with life and all that it throws at you. And, yes, many of us know someone like Emma, […]

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One Day, Part 1: Early Twenties

Happy New Year, Bookies! I hope you’re all enjoying One Day. (I know some of you enjoyed it so much, you kept on reading!) So did anyone else besides me relate to the disappointment of the Early Twenties section? Like Emma, I think, at some point in our lives we all have this desire to do something big, something that […]

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Hello, Bookies

I’m Danielle Virgin, associate director of digital technology for Time Inc. My job is to take ideas that folks come up with—for example, updating the look of a website or figuring out how to integrate with Facebook—and bring them to life on the Web. I have had the pleasure of working across many of our sites here at Time Inc., […]

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You Picked Your January Book

And maybe it was no surprise, but David Nicholls’ runaway hit, One Day, was a runaway hit here too, capturing almost 57% of the vote. January discussion leader Danielle Virgin will post a quick hello later in the week—see you then! Are you reading this via an e-mail or RSS feed? If you wish to comment, please click here.

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