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How to Make Your Co-Workers Like You

The same bad behavior that got you in trouble at home when you were a kid—taking credit for something your brother did, saying no reflexively, a messy room—can cause problems with your co-workers at the office. A few days ago, a story in the Wall Street Journal listed the most common behaviors that make co-workers dislike you. They include: 1. […]

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Where Do You Shop For Office Supplies?

It’s August 1st and I’m thinking about organization and making sure everything is in order before I begin traveling later this month and in September. The better organized I am, the happier I feel about leaving my husband alone for several weeks — it’s important that he knows where everything is in case I have to call from the road […]

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The Key to Success? Work Fewer Hours.

Before I had a baby, I used to log some pretty long hours as a freelance journalist. I wasn’t in an office, so there was no impetus to get home—I was already there. And I was usually working toward several deadlines at once, so I often spent evenings and weekends at my desk.

Then I had a baby, and I had to rethink my whole work strategy. Since I spend my evenings and weekends caring for my child, I’ve had to fit my efforts into more normal working hours. And you know what? I’m the better for it. Now that I know that my workday has to end at a specific time, I’m much more efficient and focused on getting things done. As it turns out, I’m not alone in this.

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