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Organizing and Decluttering Goals Before the End of 2011

During this time of year, in addition to setting big resolutions for the coming months, I like to focus on a few mini-resolutions to finish before the end of December. It’s nice to start the month of January feeling like I’ve already accomplished a few tasks that will help to make the new year more organized and decluttered. First up […]

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What’s Your Food-Related New Year’s Resolution?

Every year, I make at least a couple of New Year’s resolutions. I always try to keep them fun, though (one annual resolution is to “take a big trip to somewhere I’ve never been before!” which actually didn’t happen in 2010). And there’s always at least one food-related one. Like pretty much every resolution out there, these get broken, too (the “try a new restaurant every week” one didn’t last very long). But no matter—it’s always nice to start off the year with good intentions, right? Here are my food-related goals for 2011: some general, some specific; some feasible, some not so much.



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