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A Water-Saving New Use

If you’re looking for easy ways to save water around your home. Try this easy trick that involves a soda bottle.

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What is Your Favorite Way to Reuse Plastic Bags?

The plastic bag is the MVP of multitaskers here at Real Simple. We’ve used them for everything from funnels to packing materials to knee pads. (Yes, that last one might qualify for the what-were-we-thinking category.)


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How to Recycle Aluminum Foil

Here’s an easy tip for your Friday night. Aluminum foil, once you’re done using it to it’s fullest potential (check out some new uses for it here) can be recycled with along with your soda cans. Just make sure you clean it off before tossing it in the recycling bin.



New Uses for Recyclable Items

How to Recycle Anything

The Ultimate Guide to Going Green


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New Uses for a Coffee Can

We’re back on the hunt for new uses for a specific item, and this time it’s a coffee tin (or other large tin can if you’re not a coffee drinker). Once the grounds are gone what do you do with the can, aside from tossing it in the recycling bin, of course.

Share your tips and ideas with us by submitting them here, and your idea could be published in a future issue. Thanks for your help!

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How Do You Use Old CDs and Their Cases?

One of the sections of the magazine that people always mention when I say I work for Real Simple is the New Uses for Old Things pages in our Solutions section. We’ve found new uses for plastic bags, rubber bands, and clear nailpolish. Now, we’re asking you for your new uses.

Continue reading to find out which item we want new ideas for.

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