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New Use for Bread Clips

You know those frustrating little pieces of plastic used to keep the bread sack closed? And how they never really seem to work? Well, turns out there’s another way to put them to good use. Check out this idea from The Photographer’s Life. They make perfect labels for all of your TV and computer wires.


Keep reading for the bonus portion of this tip!


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A New Use for an Outgrown Crib via Notes From a Very Red Kitchen

Today’s tip is a great D.I.Y. project and a reminder to think about the furniture in your home that your kids have out grown in new ways.




Keep reading to see what Katie, the blogger behind Notes From a Very Red Kitchen, did with a salvaged baby crib. 


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Skip the Chemicals to Clean Your Shower Doors

Keeping your shower doors soap scum-free is one of the biggest bathroom cleaning challenges. Luckily, you don’t have to reach for the chemicals in order to keep them clean. Instead try two common household items—a dryer sheet and lemon oil.


Keep reading to find out what to do.

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! All month long we’ve been sharing easy tips for going green, but, today, we want to hear what steps you’re taking to make the world a greener place.




Next week will be our last week of daily eco-friendly tips, (but we’ll continue to do a green tip every Tuesday) and next Friday we’ll be sharing some of our favorite reader tips. So leave your water-saving ideas, clever ways of reusing house-hold goods, and tips for recycling uncommon items in the comments.

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Use Newspaper to Clean Your Mirrors and Windows

The next time you go to clean your toothpaste-spattered mirror, pull a piece of newspaper from the recycling bin instead of reaching for a paper towel. Even though it has been printed, newspaper makes a great lint-free option for cleaning glass surfaces. Plus, you’re not wasting paper towels. Get more ideas for ways to reuse recyclable items. Do you have […]

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New Use for Soda Cans via The DIY Home Sweet Home Project

Buying mini cookie cutters for making things like homemade goldfish or other bite-size treats can get expensive. Luckily, you can use an empty, clean soda can to make your own shapes following the steps on The DIY Home Sweet Home Project blog.


Keep reading to see the basic steps.


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Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Mattress

Now that it’s officially Spring, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. So next time you change your sheets and wash your mattress cover, take an extra step to help freshen your mattress as well. It’s easy, we promise. All it takes is a little bit of baking soda.


Keep reading to learn how to freshen your bed.

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A New Use for a Paper Napkin Wrapper via Lifehacker

If you enjoy going out to eat with friends (and really, who doesn’t?) This new use for a paper napkin wrapper from Lifehacker.


Keep reading to find out what the new use is.

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Weekend Brunch Idea Flower Pancakes via Not Martha

One of our all-time favorite new uses for old things here at Real Simple is using a cleaned out ketchup bottle to dispense your pancake batter.




Well, the lovely Megan from Not Martha has taken this idea one step further. Keep reading to see the amazing pancakes she makes using this technique.


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Use a Canning Jar to Bring Soup for Lunch via TheKitchn

Last month, TheKitchn instituted Soup Week, and one of their readers sent in a great tip about how to bring for lunch.




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