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The Quickest Way to Dry Your Nail Polish

If you can’t wait for your at-home manicure to dry completely before you’re on to other things, try this trick. Let the polish dry for two minutes then submerge in – water for about three minutes (with breaks to de-frost your fingertips). If you can’t take the cold, try heat and dry your polish with a hair dryer in between […]

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Are You A Nail Biter?

I’ll come right out and say it: I am. I’ve been trying to stop since I was a little girl. Even in fifth grade my best friend and I tried to stop together, thinking that solidarity would keep us from continuing this horrible habit–she has long since been cured. From foul-tasting polish to acrylic nails, nothing has helped me stop. […]

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The Perfect Nude Polish

Finding a neutral polish shade that works every time can be a process. I know that for me, with all the choices at the salon, I often grab the wrong one just by the slightest shade. Well, what if find your perfect nude nail polish was as easy as picking out your foundation shade? RGB (an eco-friendly enamel line) founder Gina […]

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5 Best Summer Beauty Products

When I think of my favorite summer beauty products, my first thoughts go to what I wouldn’t be able to live without. Here are the five products I’ve recently discovered, which I can’t bear to part with during these humid months. 1. Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Spray, $28, This spicy scented oil will tame frizz all day and mend […]

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Opt for Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

When it comes to chemicals in your cosmetics, nail polishes can be some of the worst offenders. So when you can, opt for polishes that don’t have ingredients like formaldehyde and toluene.




Keep reading to see some of our favorite eco-friendly brands.


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