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Have You Heard About Picclick?

Like many of you, the editors at Real Simple are big fans of shopping Etsy and Ebay for everything from home decor items, to craft supplies, to handbags, shoes, and jewelry. But sometimes, browsing those sites can be difficult if you’re in a “I’ll know what I’m looking for when I see it” mode. That’s where Picclick comes in.


Keep reading to find out how Picclick makes browsing easier.

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Go Back in Time with the Top 100s by Year App

Remember how much better the music was when you were growing up? Regardless of when you grew up, the music was just better then, wasn’t it?


Well, you can easily take a trip back to your favorite year with the Top 100s by Year by Bing. Currently free (but even worth the $1.99 when they start charging), this app streams the top 100 songs from each year starting with 2010 and going all the way back to 1947.




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Get Visual Food Recommendations with Foodspotting

This weekend, as you’re deciding where to go out to eat, try using the Foodspotting app or website.




Keep reading to learn what Foodspotting is.

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Use a Canning Jar to Bring Soup for Lunch via TheKitchn

Last month, TheKitchn instituted Soup Week, and one of their readers sent in a great tip about how to bring for lunch.




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Join Us on Pinterest

Yesterday, Holly introduced you to Pinterest, the fantastic visual bookmarking site. It is still currently an invite-only site, but Ben, the creator of Pinterest, was nice enough to hook up all of our Simply Stated readers with access.

Picture 14

Click on this link to join Pinterest. You’ll just need to use either your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up.


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Organize Your Decorating Ideas With Pinterest

It’s a new year and no doubt you have many projects to take on at home but how do you stay organized when it comes to your finds? I’m decorating a few rooms in my apartment currently and have found Pinterest to be enormously helpful in this regard. What is Pinterest? When I joined, I asked the same question as I wasn’t really clear how yet another community-based cataloging site would help me. I am a blogger afterall, can’t I just blog when I find something I like? Plus, I’ve tried FFFFound, We Heart It, Polyvore, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and a bevy of other sites that have the same end goal in mind: to help you organize images on the web for free.

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As Prices Rise, Try These Tips to Save on Gas

Rising gasoline prices put a damper on consumers’ mood in January, according to a survey released Friday by Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan. The spike at the pump to over $3 on average nationwide also has more people worried about inflation. Overall consumer sentiment slipped to 72.7 compared to 74.5 in December. Here are some tips to save on gasoline.

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Two New D.I.Y. Blog Faves

I love a good D.I.Y. project. So when I find a blog that consistently has inventive and inspiring projects, I subscribe to their RSS feed ASAP. I’ve found two new favorites recently, Dollar Store Crafts and P.S. I Made This. They both have projects that are easy to do no matter your skill level and inexpensive to make (double bonus!).

Here are two recent projects that caught my eye:

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D.I.Y. Seed Tape from Giver’s Log

It seems like plantable note cards, gift tags, and even ornaments have been ubiquitous the past couple of years. I think it's a great idea, and now I'm happy to know how to make something similar on my own. Giver's Log, a blog all about creative gift giving, has a tutorial on how to make "Seed Tape." It's the same […]

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What’s your favorite Wedding blog?

It’s no secret that there is an entire blogosphere out there devoted to weddings. Due to a recent turn of events, I’ve become quite interested in exploring this fascinating world…

You guessed it – I’m engaged! My wonderful boyfriend proposed last Friday, and it’s been a whirlwind of celebrating, spreading the good news to family and friends, and occasionally pinching myself (is this really happening??) ever since. 

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