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Friday Link Round Up

We’ll be starting something new on our Simple Tip blog this week. Each Friday, we’ll do a quick round up of some of our favorite links from the week. That way you’ll have a few new sites to browse over the weekend. And, of course, we’d for you to share the links you’ve come across this week in the comments! […]

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Fun Website: SLR Camera Simulator

If you’ve been considering upgrading from your point-and-shoot digital camera (or even from the camera on your smart phone) to a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) model, check out this fun website, SLR Camera Simulator, first.




Keep reading to find out what you can learn from this site.


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Fun Website: Is it Warm Enough for Iced Coffee?

The annoying part about Spring: one day it’s nice out they next day it’s a little bit chilly. Not only does it make it tricky to get dressed, but also to choose between hot and iced coffee. Thankfully, that choice has been made easier with the site: Is it iced coffee weather?



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How To: Really Easy Mood Board Idea

It’s May and as summer draws near it’s a great time to freshen up your mood board with things that will inspire your life with a summer theme. On a mood board you can pin ideas for your next patio cocktail party or a few decorsting ideas for the balcony. I refer to my mood board constantly and find that freshening it also helps to freshen my perspective and to get me out of creative ruts. Lots of you like the idea of a mood board but not everyone has one and I’d like to encourage you to start working on one and I thought I’d share speedy DIY so you can have a mood board up within 5 minutes – no lie – and for under $10 or even free if you have a spare piece of linen laying around..

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Helpful Website: I Can’t Find My Phone

No matter how organized you are, there are times (usually when you’re late and trying to run out the door) that you can’t find your phone or your keys or the file you need for your first meeting of the day. Luckily, there’s a website that can help you locate at least one of those things: I Can’t Find My Phone.



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Use ThredUP to Get Rid of Clothes Your Kids Have Outgrown

It will soon be time to switch out your closet for a more warm-weather friendly wardrobe. And if you ave kids, that means you’ll soon be faced with a pile of clothing that they’ve outgrown. Instead of hauling them off to the thrift store, try posting the items that are still wearable on ThredUP.


Keep reading to find out how ThredUP works.

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An Easy Way to Remember Your Anniversary

This week, our website pick makes sure that you’ll never forget an important date. Whether you use it for anniversaries, birthdays, or other days you have to remember year after year (checking your smoke detectors or submitting your health care reimbursement, anyone?), Anniversary Alert makes it much easier.


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Check How Eco-Friendly That Product is with GoodGuide

If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, there’s an easy way to check to see if the products you purchase are as green as they say they are. Using the GoodGuide website or iPhone app it’s as easy as searching the product name or scanning the barcode.


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Read More Helps You Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

What can’t you find online these days? Check out, a site that can help brew a perfect cup of tea everytime.


Keep reading to see what the site does.

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Get Ideas for Your Brown Bag Lunch on Flickr

Bringing your lunch everyday can be challenging because the same sandwiches get boring after awhile. Luckily you can find some inspiration in the Brought My Lunch photo pool on Flickr.


Click through to see some more lunch ideas.

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