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Would You Decorate Your Home with a Custom Neon Sign?

I came across this piece of art by John Kalymnios while browsing Kate Spade’s color of the month (blue!!) for August, and it reminded me of the custom neon sign that one of my parents’ friends had in her home when I was growing up. I hadn’t thought much else about neon signs until reading this feature on Urban Omnibus […]

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Shades of Light

Are you looking for something to light up your life? A lamp maybe? I’ve shopped for clients at Shades of Light in the past and always founds their lighting to be of good quality and value. Have you checked out their selection lately? Shipping is usually fast and reliable and everything arrives packed extremely well — I’ve never had to deal with breaks or disappointment of any kind. 

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DIY Chandeliers from Time Out New York

Yes, it’s another project idea. But this time it’s not nearly as complicated as fabric wallpaper or glass etching. A trip to the hardware store and the skills to screw in a light bulb are all it takes to make these simple chandeliers from Abilene, a bar in Brooklyn, featured in last week’s Time Out New York.

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