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Pinhole Press for Personalized Party Items

Have you heard of Pinhole Press? They are a newish company that makes customizable printed items (that are well designed!), including these adorable party items. You can upload a photo and then make things like favor labels, invitations, labels for drinks, pads of paper and even thank you cards. Find out more right here on the Pinhole Press site.

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The Perils of the Last-Minute Invitation

Last Friday I was talking to a friend about her plans for the weekend. She mentioned, with clear irritation, that she’d been invited to a friend’s birthday party that was happening the very next day. I asked her why she sounded so annoyed, and she said there’s nothing ruder than being invited to a party the day before it’s supposed to occur. Obviously, she reasoned, she wasn’t really wanted at the party to begin with, or she would have been invited long before. “It’s so clearly a B-List situation,” she said. “Or even C-List.”

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