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Kick-Start Your New Year: Organize Your Recipes

Another goal that came up a couple of times when we asked what you wanted help with in 2011 was getting your recipes organized. While this is more of an on-going task instead of a 10-minute task, the payoff—not having to hunt for that mouth-watering chicken soup recipe—is worth it.


Click through to find out how to keep your recipes organized.

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Using Color as Your Design Theme

As those of you who read the magazine know, we launch a new column as part of our redesign—the Decorating with… series. So far, we’ve covered purple, red, blue, brown, green, yellow, and florals. I love the series, and I’ve used it as inspiration for decorating my kitchen.

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Small Appliances That Are Worth the Space

Juicers and coffee makers and toaster ovens, oh my! It seems like there are a million different small kitchen appliances designed to take up precious counter space. But how many of them are actually worth it in terms of cost, electricity usage, and of course, space?

I have a short list of appliances that I think are “worth it,” as I’m sure you do too. I also have a list of appliances that I’m on the fence about, and I would love to hear if any of them are on your must-have list.

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Table Style: Ideas for Table Settings

Do you love to entertain but feel bored by your usual table setting? I sometimes get into ruts in this area, mostly due to lack of time, and that is why I love Table Style written by Liz Belton and Rebecca Tanqueray, styled by Liz Belton and photographed by leading interiors photographer Debi Treloar. With so many beautiful Summer days ahead you will find lots of ideas in Table Style to apply to your own soiree whether on your city balcony, large patio, or your dining room.

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Open or Closed Storage in the Kitchen?

I recently signed the lease for a new apartment, and I'm thrilled that it has an enormous kitchen (by New York standards anyway). But for all the space it has, there is very little storage. It has too tiny cabinets over the sink, which will be for everyday dishes, and a cabinet that has the sink in it (not exactly […]

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7 Cute & Contemporary Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tool have come such a long way in the design department. If you’re looking to update your own collection or searching for unique gift ideas for someone else, here are 7 clever, modern, and affordable designs that are sure to up the fun factor on time spent in the kitchen!

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Granite Countertops or a New Furnace? You Decide.

If the wish fairy suddenly granted you a healthy chunk of money wrapped in ribbon made of twenty-dollar bills, what kind of home improvements would you make? Remodel the kitchen and replace the flooring? Or something more practical, like buying new windows and springing for a new furnace? If you’re leaning toward the practical, you’re so last year.

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Custom Designed Dinnerware

Have you ever been at a dinner party and experienced a long, uncomfortable silence? It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? That’s why I think the new Conversation Starter collection from Custom Sephia is such a fun way around those awkward moments — I can totally see a hostess using these at cocktail parties to get the party started. Fun!

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7 Delightfully Bright Entertaining Finds

What do you get when great design meets wit, utility, & color… in the kitchen? Well, these 7 fabulous finds from ALL sum up the formula quite nicely!


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