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Jodi Picoult Talks House Rules

Hello, Bookies: As we settle into our June book, here’s a nice way to finish off May’s: We were lucky enough to have House Rules author Jodi Picoult answer a selection of your questions. <pMy question for the author is what other possible endings did she consider and/or did she have this end in mind all along? Posted by: Chris […]

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House Rules: The Conclusion

Hi Bookies! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, and that you enjoyed the sweet relief of finishing this book as much as I did. It’s one thing I’ve learned to count on: Jodi Picoult never fails to satisfy. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the conclusion, so let’s jump right in to our discussion…

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House Rules: Sections Seven through Nine

Hi again, Bookies! I thoroughly enjoyed your comments in last week’s discussion, and after reading sections 7, 8, and 9, it’s becoming clear that many of your hunches are right on. While we still don’t have the full picture, it’s quite clear that Theo was involved (in some way) in Jess’s final hours, and that Jacob attempted to “cover up” for his brother. We’ve got quite the intuitive book club going here! Many of you think Jess’s death was the result of a slip-and-fall kind of accident, and I’m inclined to agree with you. I also want to thank reader Judith for sharing about her son Ian. Judith, your insights are much appreciated, and I’m glad to hear you think Jacob is a believable character, as opposed to a “mash-up” of many different characteristics of Autism. 

On to this week’s discussion…

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House Rules: Sections Four through Six

Hello there, Bookies. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had my toes dug deep into the sand (once again) as I dove into sections four through six (pages 147 – 292) of House Rules. I had to practically place the book under lock and key to stop myself from plowing through to the end. And you?

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House Rules: A Note on the Reading Schedule

Hi Bookies! Just a quick note of clarification about our reading schedule for House Rules. Some readers have commented about the difficulty in figuring out the “sections” – as I’m calling them here – based on the way Picoult structures the book (and possibly the version you’re reading). The chapters aren’t numbered but instead headed by the narrating character’s name, and they seem to live within larger sections. 

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House Rules: Sections One through Three

Hi again, Bookies! First of all, I have to say how much I loved reading your comments on my introduction post. What a wonderful array of favorite spots to read. While I was firmly entrenched at the beach this weekend diving into House Rules (and resisting the urge to finish the entire book in one sitting), I thought of many of you sitting back on your porches or at the park or curled up on a comfy sofa with a cup of tea.

I’m dying to hear what you all think of the book so far. Reader VaniSan has already admitted that she couldn’t wait to find out how it ended – and I’m sure she’s not alone. Whether you’ve already read through to the end, or are following along with our reading schedule, I hope you’ll join the discussion. Just one rule here: if you’ve read to the end, please try to avoid spoiling anything plot-wise for those of us who are reading in sections! 

On to our discussion…

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Hello, Bookies!

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Jodi Picoult’s latest novel, House Rules, won the poll for our May book club pick. How many of you are just thrilled to death that a Picoult book is finally on deck?? I am. 

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