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Do You Bring a Hostess Gift to Thanksgiving?

Since I won't be traveling home for Thanksgiving this year, a friend's family has generously invited me to spend it with them. My mother raised me better than to ever show up empty handed to a gathering, but I'm a little bit stumped on Thanksgiving. It's not technically a potluck, since my only contribution will be pies. (I'll be making […]

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Gifts for The Summer Hostess

Chances are there was at least one occasion this summer (and probably several) upon which a friend or relative hosted you in one way or another. Maybe it was a small dinner party at their house, or a round of golf on them, or maybe they threw you a bridal shower. Perhaps they even let you stay a week with them at their beach rental – lucky!

No matter how someone hosts you, it’s a wonderful – and usually quite appreciated – idea to send a gift in thanks. Here are four great gifts for the summer host/hostess – at four very different price points.

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Paper Love: Whimsy Press

For all my fellow “modern paper” lovers – here’s something that should make you swoon! Whimsy Press – the fabulous online shop that started out with amazing designer gift wrap and expanded into much, much more – from notecards and wine tags to eco-chic totes and baby onesies – is having an amazing summer sale: 60% off EVERYTHING!

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8 Cool Chalkboard-Inspired Finds

School might be out for summer, but the chalkboard look is definitely still “in”… at least when it comes to entertaining! There’s something classic (and nostalgic) about the familiar white-on-slate design, but the added functionality is what makes this trend extra-special…


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7 Delightfully Bright Entertaining Finds

What do you get when great design meets wit, utility, & color… in the kitchen? Well, these 7 fabulous finds from ALL sum up the formula quite nicely!


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