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Skip Chemicals and Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Drain

Rather than pouring a vertiable cocktail of chemicals down your drain, use a couple of kitchen (or science experiment) supplies and a pot of boiling water to get things flowing smoothly again.


Keep reading to see the step-by-step instructions.

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Energy Saving Tip: Insulate Your Outlets

It’s amazing how all those little energy leaks add up. For example, if you have an older home and there are gaps around your electrical outlets, your heating or air conditioning is likely escaping making your utility bills just a little bit more expensive each month. The good news, is that those leaks are easy to fix.


Keep reading to find out how to stop this energy thief.


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Don’t Forget It’s Daylight Saving Time This Weekend

It’s a sure sign that spring is getting closer! This weekend is the start of daylight saving time. On Saturday night before you go to bed, set your clock one hour ahead. (Remember: Spring forward. Fall back.)


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Kick-Start Your New Year: Test Your Smoke Detectors

Take five minutes this weekend to test the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.


If you install new batteries on any of your smoke detectors, set up two reminders of when to replace them. Keep reading to find out what to do.


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Top Consumer Scams and Rip-Offs of 2010

Con artists made the most of a bad economy in 2010, targeting job seekers, people struggling to get out of debt and those looking to earn some extra cash. The Better Business Bureau today released a list of the top 10 scams and rip-offs of 2010.

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home: 12 Tips

It’s January 3rd and most of us are slowly getting back into our daily routine, though I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a hard time waking up early with all of these late nights… Oh but yes, routines, a new year, resolutions. I’m sure you’ve made a few that are health-related (don’t we all?) but what about the home? Do you have some new year’s resolutions for your home?

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What Tools Do You Really Need?

I was reading the The New York Times last weekend, and I came across an article (the first in a series) about home improvement/D.I.Y. that piqued my interest. It was all about the tools that you really need to maintain your home. Part of the reason I was so intrigued is that I’d spent the past two weekends in heavy D.I.Y./nesting mode—doing projects around my apartment and spending a considerable amount of time at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and my local hardware store. (I will hopefully be able to show you some of those projects next week.)




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Choosing Wallpaper

I’m moving in less than a month and I’m already planning things like what to paint, where to wallpaper and display and storage ideas…in my head, on paper, in notebooks, in Photoshop… I’m OCD like that (OCD = Outta Control Decorator). Thing is, there is SO MUCH out there to pick from these days and with so much on the market available that looks great, how do you decide? Well here are 5 ways to help you choose wallpaper, the current big decision that I’m trying to make. Maybe my tips will help you…

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Have You Ever Painted Your Home’s Exterior?

I know what you’re thinking–I’m an apartment dweller, what do I know about painting the outside of a house. But I will actually be traveling home next week, for a little working vacation to help my dad paint the house I grew up in, and where my parents still live. This will be the second time I’ve helped paint the house, but I’m guessing I’ll be more useful this time since I’m an adult. 


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Granite Countertops or a New Furnace? You Decide.

If the wish fairy suddenly granted you a healthy chunk of money wrapped in ribbon made of twenty-dollar bills, what kind of home improvements would you make? Remodel the kitchen and replace the flooring? Or something more practical, like buying new windows and springing for a new furnace? If you’re leaning toward the practical, you’re so last year.

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