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Do You Have a Summer Air Conditioning Strategy?

So far in the northeast it has been a hot summer–and we’ve still got a couple of months to go before cooler weather sets in and we can uninstall our window air conditioners. Having grown up with central air (and never being allowed to mess with the thermostat) I never gave much thought to how to most effectively use air conditioning–both to stay comfortable and not waste money or electricity.

ToddMorris Flickr Air Conditioners in a Row

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How to Contain Rising Electricity Bills

While the big energy story of the century plays out in the Gulf of Mexico, there’s news closer to home that might provide a budget jolt for many consumers: Electricity costs are going up. Some 85 percent of state energy regulators expect the cost of residential electricity to increase next year, according to a recent survey by the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions.

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Organic Amy Butler Bedding: NEW For Welspun

Designer Amy Butler will soon launch a new line of organic bedding for Welspun that is bright and fresh in juicy colors just in time for Summer. They’ll be available in June and I’m willing to bet that they’ll be a big hit. Here’s a delicious taste of what’s to come…

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Earth Day: Are You Making Any Resolutions?

It’s Earth Day today, and while we should be thinking about environmental issues all the time, Earth Day serves as nice reminder to get back on track and make sure you’re doing everything you can for the environment. I’m looking at it as a kind of New Year’s, and making some eco resolutions.

Bora Bora

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Reminder: Earth Hour 2009

Just a reminder to turn off your lights tonight at 8:30 PM as part of the second annual global Earth Hour. If you haven’t yet signed up, do so here. And check out some fun family activities to do when the power is out (either intentionally or unintentionally).

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Earth Hour 2009

Lights out! Save some electricity and show your support for the World Wildlife Fund by joining in the second annual global Earth Hour this Saturday night, March 28th.

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A New Eco Problem: Too Many Re-usable Bags

The pendulum has swung, and I’ve gone from too many plastic bags to too many re-usable bags. Accumulated from the grocery store line, the check out at the Container Store, and events with goodie bags packaged in a convenient re-usable tote, I now have to have a place to store all these bags. Are you facing the same problem?

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