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Do You Make or Buy Your Holiday Gifts?

Thanksgiving is over, and now I'm ready for the gift-giving holidays. I haven't yet decided if I'll be making gifts, or if I'll be buying them this year. I've seen several great DIY gift ideas, but sometimes those can end up being more expensive (and less appreciated) than purchased gifts. What are your thoughts on making vs buying holiday gifts? […]

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Sweet Treats

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and all I can think about is food. Seems like the right time to share with you a lovely gourmet cookie shop I love – Platine Cookies. I received their platinum deluxe tin – chock full of 2 dozen cookies and brownies – as a gift, and devoured every morsel over the course of a week. I shared a few, and several friends agreed – these cookies are pretty darn good especially considering that you can get them in the mail. 

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To Give Or Not To Give – Clothing

After writing a list of 8 gifts that I try to avoid when I’m gifting a friend or colleague, Simply Stated reader Marlono added what I think should be the ninth no-no, clothing! There is nothing worse than when someone gives you a garment larger than what you wear. This happened to me once and it left me blue for several days. Why? It was a gift from a very best friend who gave me lingerie…

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Gifts: 8 Things To Avoid

With all the talk about about what to give, lets talk about 8 gifts to potentially avoid…

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Skinnyskinny: Organic Bath & Body

For the next six weeks or so, I’m going to be popping in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week as usual but with a twist — I will highlight fab things for gift giving. So let’s get started, shall we?

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Gift Giving Made Easier

Real Simple just made my holiday shopping a heck of a lot easier – introducing: On The Go Gift Guides!

I’m not sure which genius on staff is responsible for this lightbulb moment, but I’m sure glad they came up with it. It’s reason enough to start your holiday shopping early this year and avoid that last-minute mad dash to the mall…

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Sweet Birthday Tradition

When it comes to Birthday gifts, it’s really the thought that counts…and if you’re like me, those thoughts count even more when they involve delicious, homemade baked goods!

My mother Ginny has a very sweet tradition (pun intended) I wanted to share here: every year, for her best friend’s birthday, she bakes a cake from scratch and delivers it by hand to her friend’s house, usually presented on a beautiful cake stand.

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Last-Minute Father’s Day Ideas

It’s Friday night, Father’s Day is on Sunday, and you haven’t gotten him a gift yet. You’re not alone.

I’m no stranger to the last-minute gift scramble; there’s still plenty of time to go out and snag something special for the Dad in your life. It’s too late to order online, but most will find one of these stores nearby (and all sites have a Store Locator tool so you can). Best of all, since we’re nearing the end of June, many stores have already started to mark-down their summer items, so it’s easier to get a bargain.

Here are a few Dad-specific suggestions:

Get Him Grilling

Williams-Sonoma Mesh Grill Top Fry Pan, $30. He can saute all sorts of smaller, chopped-up veggies and sides in it while he grills the meat – so Dad can take charge of the entire meal for once.

Fry Pan Grill

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Easy Summer Gifting

With the month of June fast approaching, I’ve got gift-giving on my mind. A nice way to get organized is to shop ahead for the special occasions already on your calendar, and stock-up on a dozen or so (less specific) gift items to stash away – this way you’ll have a reserve of hostess and thank you gifts at the ready when a last minute party or weekend invite pops up. Online ordering makes this a cinch…

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Lovely Craft Supply Shop

I can’t hold back any longer — I found a lovely craft supply shop a few months ago on Etsy that I must tell you about. I’ve been hesitant to share it because it’s one of THOSE places you don’t want to tell your friends about for fear you’ll never have access to the same great stuff again, but oh well — here’s a terrific source you must record in your little black book of great shops….

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