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Can I Say No to a Delicious (But Unhealthy) Gift?

A reader named EmilyMae writes: “Recently I have cut sugar out of my diet at my doctor’s request. How should I respond when my neighbors thank me for dog-sitting with a plate of cookies?” When you watched the dog, EmilyMae, you were doing a favor out of friendship, not a job for which you expected compensation. Your neighbors thanked you, […]

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Save 20% on Mr. Potato Head

Blast from the past? We couldn’t resist. Every child loves to dress up this jolly spud. Go to and enter the code REALSIMPLE20 at checkout to receive 20% off this product through October 7, 2011, or while supplies last.

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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: Our “Novel” Wedding Theme

One of the first questions I got after getting engaged (next to “have you set a date?”) was “do you have a theme?” My first reaction was to keep it simple and go with a beach theme since we would be on Martha’s Vineyard. But I quickly nixed it since we chose MV because my fiance’s family owns a house […]

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Go Green with Fabric Gift Wrap

Next time you’re giving a gift skip the wrapping paper or gift bag and tie up your present in a reusable fabric wrap instead. Check out these options from Give Wraps available at Chewing the Cud: Give Harmony, $16 Give Harmony (tangerine & grey), $16 Give Love, $16 Would you use fabric gift wrap?

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Gifts For Dad: Skagen Watches and More!

It’s time to show Dad some love! Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays for the simple fact that my humble and loving father gets the full spotlight! But, he’s not the easiest person to shop for. However, a few months back I overheard him say that he’s in the market for new watch. Jackpot! I knew the perfect […]

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Did You Know That You Can Mail Plastic Easter Eggs?

I came across this cute idea on the blog Giverslog last week. Who would of thought that you could pop those traditional plastic easter eggs in the mailbox. I think it’s a great idea for sending a little Easter cheer to friends and family members who live far away. 


Keep reading to see what AmberLee from Giverslog put in hers.


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3 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re going out or staying in, there is no reason not to treat yourself with love. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, I’ve picked out three little things you can do to indulge this Valentine’s Day.



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5 Sweet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Everyone deserves a little treat on Valentine’s Day. Upgrade from Hershey’s kisses and candy conversation hearts with these delicious finds sure to please anyone you’re sweet on.



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Gift Grubbing: Don’t Do It

Today’s etiquette question come from a reader named auntiekk01, who writes: My husband and I never had a wedding—just a civil ceremony and brunch with our families. We are now hosting a cocktail party to celebrate our one-year anniversary with all of our friends and families. Is it wrong…

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Is It OK to Give One Child More?

I have three daughters. Every year around Dec. 15, I start agonizing. Did I spend more on gifts for one girl? Did I buy a lopsided number of presents? If so, do I need to buy one more for another daughter? And if the “one more” turns out to be something particularly “nice,” will that set off a terrible chain reaction, prompting me to keep buying more and more and more in an attempt to ensure every daughter enjoys perfect, equal parity on Christmas morning?

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