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A Foolproof Way to Arrange Flowers

If you struggle with making your bouquets look picture perfect, this smart little product, the Easy Arranger, might be just right for you. It creates a guide in your vase (that’s hidden by the blooms) so you’ll know exactly where to place each stem.




Keep reading to see how it works.


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D.I.Y. Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

If you can’t head “off to the races,” you might as well bring the races to your living room. Whether you plan to have friends over for an informal get-together or have a quiet afternoon enjoying the derby with your family, some of these festive DIY projects are fairly irresistible.


If you admired the sea of beautiful hats at Royal Wedding, you’re in luck because the Kentucky Derby continues that tradition. Big, bold sunhats are a Derby essential. Women’s hats are typically wide-brimmed and embellished with flowers, bows and ribbon. While store-bought hats are lovely, they can be pricey! Luckily, DailyCandy has an easy tutorial to create your own less expensive headpiece. I love their simple hat, but I’d opt to hot glue a few flowers on to the ribbon as well.

Hat-a-tude Kentucky Derby hat

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Weekend Brunch Idea Flower Pancakes via Not Martha

One of our all-time favorite new uses for old things here at Real Simple is using a cleaned out ketchup bottle to dispense your pancake batter.




Well, the lovely Megan from Not Martha has taken this idea one step further. Keep reading to see the amazing pancakes she makes using this technique.


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Would You Subscribe to a Flower Delivery Service?

I love fresh flowers. Having a vase of blooms on my desk at work or on my nightstand at home makes me incredibly happy. And I've considered buying fresh flowers weekly, like my co-worker Amy does—earlier this year, she challenged herself to create a bouquet a week, and she posts the photos on her blog, M-Dashing. But I'm always put […]

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Book Review: Simply Elegant Flowers

I’ve recently been on a flower arranging kick and have really been wanting to learn some new techniques and tricks to take party & event centerpieces to the next level. It’s amazing how much more creative and capable you feel in a certain area with a little bit of education, and just learning more about a few of the different types of flowers florist tools that are available has already helped so much!

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Gorgeous Blooms By Ink & Peat

Do you have a favorite local florist? If so, give them a shout out with a link to their website here. Everyone loves a little free press! My favorite local florist…

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10 Fun Flower Arranging Tips

While grocery store flower bouquets can be the most affordable blooms out there, they also present a few challenges because often no consideration seems to be given to color, texture, type — they’re just thrown together with no rhyme or reason. Though some argue that all flowers look great together I’m not taking that side — I think pink carnations don’t work with orange lilys, for instance. Looking to give that generic bouquet your special touch? Here are ten things I find helpful to consider when I’m arranging flowers…

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What Flowers Do You Love At Home?

Fresh flower arrangements are a timeless classic in home decor because they never go out of style, they’re relatively easy to find, and they can be quite affordable which is great when you want to spruce things up on a budget. When I walk into a home and spot fresh flowers, either a few in a tiny vase near the bathroom sink, freshly picked daisies on the kitchen table…

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