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Round Up: Adorable Aprons

I love aprons. They have the perfect mix of functionality and style, and there’s something very 1950s about the ones with full skirts. And whenever I’m doing more than just making pasta or heating up leftovers I make sure to wear one. I don’t think I’m that messy, but I prefer not to take the risk when it comes to staining my clothes.

Here are a few of my faves available right now:


Baker’s Delight Apron from Anthropologie, $32

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Krista Keltanen Photography

I just arrived home from Copenhagen where I spent a week and from there I traveled around Denmark and also over to Sweden by ferry which was absolutely beautiful. Being in Scandinavia for a week was such an inspiration to me and I came home with loads of decorating ideas! If you ever have a chance to travel to Denmark I highly recommend it. You will come home refreshed and inspired for sure!

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Using Color as Your Design Theme

As those of you who read the magazine know, we launch a new column as part of our redesign—the Decorating with… series. So far, we’ve covered purple, red, blue, brown, green, yellow, and florals. I love the series, and I’ve used it as inspiration for decorating my kitchen.

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Polymorphia Art Prints

Polymorphia is a shop on etsy that I’ve recently fallen in love with because the art prints of Crystal Jackson are so soft and dreamy that I imagine having one framed would be stunning in any home. Please view some of her most recent works below along with her lovely styling which, to me, really makes each piece come to life.

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How Does Your Art Make You Feel?

An easy, often affordable way to update a space is to add some fresh new art prints to the wall. You can even lean framed prints against the wall if you position them properly on a mantle or credenza. Art can do a lot to breath in fresh air to a space because often the introduction of pattern and color can make a noticeable difference. Additionally, art can also add personality and capture a certain mood that may make the room feel a bit more interesting which is why it is important to select work that resonates with you. Have you given this much thought?

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Laura Amiss Textile Art

Fiber artist Laura Amiss has the sweetest etsy shop filled with her mixed media art canvas’s and illustrative prints that all originate from her photographs and drawings. Laura graduated with a degree in textiles from Goldsmiths College at the University of London in 2003 and relocated to Amsterdam where she currently lives and works as an illustrator and designer working as a freelancer with textiles and print. Her twin passions are textiles and illustration and I think she has married the two quite nicely in her work as you can clearly see below in these, mostly one-of-a-kind, works.

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Jackie Rueda Photographic Prints

Jackie Rueda is a photographer, TV writer, journalist and mother who lives in Montreal with her husband and two daughters from her hometown of Caracas. Jackie loves to take photos and in addition, has a small Etsy shop where she sells some of her photographs as prints that are largely inspired by her life in Montreal along with her diverse background — her father is French, her mother is Spanish and…

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Geninne’s Art Store + The Process of Painting

Would you like to be inspired today and get your creative energy flowing? Good! Me too! Let’s examine the process of painting to see what goes on behind-the-scenes in an artists’ workshop. I loved watching this process as demonstrated by artist Geninne D. Zlatkis recently on her blog. I was so inspired by her post that I must share it with you this morning. It certainly brightened my week! But first, here are some of her completed paintings and prints.

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Organize with Handmade Bins

Is your closet a nightmare? When you open your wardrobe do you do so very carefully to avoid being buried in a sea of stuff? If you need some help organizing your things, opt for bins. I use them for everything from book storage to magazines, socks, slippers, toys, mittens, you name it I store it in a bin of some shape and size. I found some handmade bins (also called fabric baskets or storage buckets) that I like that I want to share if you only imagine plastic or wicker — bins have come a long way! See for yourself…

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Textiles Designer Erin Flett

Erin Flett is a Maine-based graphic and textile designer who, in addition to her etsy shop, sells and licenses her custom prints and originals to national companies who specialize in soft furnishings, apparel or paper products. Flett recently launched a collection of bold hand silk-screened pillows on vintage reproduction 100% cotton bark cloth that is made in the USA. Want to see these fun and quirky designs? They just scream warm weather and seaside vacations!

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