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Take Advantage of Free Shipping Day on Etsy Today

Now in it’s third year, Free Shipping Day just continues to grow. This year more than 1,500 stores are participating. You can find all the details on the Free Shipping Day website. But what I’m especially excited about this year is the fact that a slew of sellers on Etsy (71 as of when this post was written) are joining […]

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Love Paris? You’ll Adore Little Brown Pen

My friends run a shop called Little Brown Pen where they sell fine art photography and illustration. Husband and wife Nichole and Evan Robertson live in New Jersey but also spend a considerable amount of time each year in Paris. Both capture the city in their own unique way — Nichole takes lovely photos and Evan illustrates “his” Paris. Here is some of their latest work below…

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Vintage Finds @ AM Radio

I LOVE the vintage finds in etsy shop, AM Radio. I envy those of you who live in the states and can easily order from them because I’m currently in Germany and it costs an arm and a leg to have stuff shipped over here. But wow, AM Radio has the best stuff — so carefully curated and unique. Would you like to see some of my favorite things?

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Laura Evans Photography

Laura Evans is an American photographer and military wife living in Germany where her husband is currently stationed. She has a degree in photography and teaching experience as a photography technician assisting children. For the past five years, she has been freelancing and with her recent move to Germany, has been busy setting up her own business. She sells her whimsical fine art photography in her etsy store, which is how I found her, and I think her prints are very nice and that you’ll enjoy her perspective… so have a look and let me know what you think!

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Small Talk Studio

There is a shop that I mentioned in a piece for Etsy (here) that I wrote but I wasn’t able to go into detail about it since I had so many other sellers in that article to talk about. Now that I have a little more time, I’d like to focus in on the work of Small Talk Studio. Like you, I go through phases when it comes to purchasing, sometimes it is art and other times I’m all about ceramics or vintage pillows. It usually depends on what I need in my home at the moment but it can also be due to influence — what I’m seeing a lot of on blogs or in magazines that grabs my attention.

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The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

I came across Sharon Montrose’s photography awhile ago on Etsy and fell in love with it. I am completely in awe of her ability to capture the animals (especially the baby animals) that she photographs in such wonderful poses. Take a look at one of my favorite examples, the baby giraffe series:




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Throw Pillow Round Up

I’ve been on the hunt for throw pillow inspiration lately. I’m planning on sewing my own for my sofa, but I wanted to do something a little bit more exciting than just a plain pillow cover.

Here are some of the pillows I’ve found so far that I like. Next step, off to the fabric stores.


Monogrammed Recycled Felt Applique Pillow, $65 Alexandra Ferguson on Etsy

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Jennifer Causey Photography

I’ve been a long time fan of Brooklyn-based photographer Jennifer Causey and enjoy watching her portfolio expand as her work evolves. The artful styling that she does to capture a moment so beautifully is impressive but then the way she uses her camera to embrace that mood and pass it on to others is pure poetry in motion.

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Artist Sarah Ogren

Sara Hogren is a mixed media artist in Illinois who has a very intriguing bio that I think you will find intriguing, “My work is often a reflection of my current life difficulties, triumphs, and questions with a childhood influence. I guess you could say I have a strong existential philosophy and I am using my art to figure out what life means to me. I often take conversations and experiences from my every day life and incorporate them into my work…expressed in the subject matter of a collage but also can be hidden in the imagery and titles of the work as well.”

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Custom Calligraphy Stamp from Primele on Etsy

I spotted these beautiful calligraphic return address stamps on Oh Joy! last week, and I’m completely in love with them. I don’t yet have return address stickers (maybe due to budget cuts at the various charities that normally send them out to entice you to donate), so this is going on my wishlist. 

From the side they look so unassuming, just like any other old return address stamp.



But when you see what is actually printed when you stamp:

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