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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: DIY Stamp Wedding Invitations

I really wanted our invitations to set the tone of the wedding (fun and laid back) while also reflecting Rahsaan and I as a couple (again, fun and laid back)! I’ve had a love affair with paper since I can remember, which I’m sure is one of the many reasons I became a writer. Stationary, notebooks, handwritten letters and even […]

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Reader Question: Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Office Space

Last week we got a question from a reader via Twitter. (Did you know you can follow us on Twitter? Check us out: @Real_Simple.) Jeanne (aka @jahastings) wanted ideas for decorating her office on a budget. So, I pulled together some ideas (including a few from my office here at Real Simple).




Keep reading to see the ideas and to share your own.


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Have You Heard About Picclick?

Like many of you, the editors at Real Simple are big fans of shopping Etsy and Ebay for everything from home decor items, to craft supplies, to handbags, shoes, and jewelry. But sometimes, browsing those sites can be difficult if you’re in a “I’ll know what I’m looking for when I see it” mode. That’s where Picclick comes in.


Keep reading to find out how Picclick makes browsing easier.

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Artist Belinda Kemp + Feeling Creative

I’ve been a fan of Australian mixed media artist Belinda Kemp, also known as Gretchen Mist, for quite awhile now and enjoy watching her develop her style and expand in new areas. I like the current colors she is working with — deep blues, pale mint, sea glass green… her palette really soothes me and her paintings look gorgeous in so many different decors – from a contemporary tract home to an old farmhouse in Vermont..

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Ameliart: Original Paintings For Your Kids

I was approached recently by a painter who lives in Poland, Ireneusz Jastrzębski, who goes by Amelia and is so talented that I knew I had to share her work with all of you today. Amelia hopes to get her original works of art before a larger audience outside of her home country and after seeing what she does, I don’t think she’ll have a problem promoting her charming work.

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Help Etsy Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

Growing up, I was the girl who made her own Valentine’s Day cards to take to school. They weren’t always perfect or even that inspired, but I enjoyed making them. And this year I’m going to be making some again as part of Etsy’s project: Special Delivery Share Your Love 2011.




Keep reading to find out how you can join in on the crafting fun.


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Which Do You Prefer to Write With: Pens or Pencils?


Ever since we were allowed to make the switch in late grade school from pencil to pen for our homework, I’ve stuck almost exclusively with pens. But lately there are some things that are just better in pencil (like my ever-morphing to-do list.)

So, because I’m an office supply addict, I started a search for pretty pencils to have on my desk (and a few new pretty pens for good measure). Keep reading to see what I found.


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I’m a Bit Obsessed with Calendars Lately

Maybe it’s just a symptom of it being January, but I’ve been shopping for calendars in the past few days. And I’ve already collected quite a few, in as I’m sitting at my desk I can count three 2011 calendars, and one from 2010 that I can’t give up until I replace it.

So, I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of my favorite finds for 2011. Starting with the one hanging in my kitchen, which I’ve ordered the refill for.


Happy Days Wooden Calendar by Pikku Wares, $48

Click through to see the rest of my picks, plus a free download from Red Stamp!

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12 Great Photos To Frame

Would you like to see some beautiful photographs for under $55 (most of them are around $25) that you can frame and put in your home for the new year? I have off this week, which has been wonderful by the way, and one thing I find myself doing a lot of is shopping online (sorry, husband!). While browsing for pretty things, I started to notice a theme — I’m collecting lots of great photographs and adding them to my wish list, all are from Etsy shops, so I thought I’d quickly round up 12 great photos for the new year that certainly can bring in a beautiful feeling of peace, joy and hope for an even better year ahead!

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On the Hunt: Pretty Cake Stands

I’m not normally a resoultion maker. But this year, I’m setting some goals for myself. I’m an amateur baker, and I’ve never tackled a layer cake. So that’s one thing I want to learn to do this year.

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