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Should You Splurge or Save When Stocking Your Bar?

Fun fact: Today is National Rum Day. (So get yourself a mojito, stat!) If you don’t happen to have any rum on had, use this handy guide on how to stock your bar before you head to the liquor store. And here’s whether or not to spend or save on each spirit: Splurge on these: Bourbon Rum Tequila Whiskey and […]

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Why Cola Trumps Lemonade for Summer Sipping

This summer when you reach for something other than water to drink, you’ll be better off grabbing a cola over a lemonade. Why? Because citrus flavoring (both natural and artificial) are the number one culprits when it comes to tooth decay. Of course, like most things, citrusy drinks are fine in moderation. Plus, drinking them with food and brushing your […]

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Flor de Jamacia a.k.a. Hibiscus Tea

I bought this loose dried hibiscus tea (it’s actually the sepal from the Hibiscus flower) in my local market a couple of weeks ago. I was first attracted by the beautiful purple/pink color and once I figured out what it was, by the smell, I decided it was cocktail time! I first rinsed the tea, then simmered it in a […]

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A Wine Tasting Diary Can Help You Know What To Buy

I’m not sure if it’s commonplace in the rest of the country, but in the Mid-Atlantic wine is a form of gratuity among friends. If your neighbor lets you borrow his lawn mower, you give it back to him with a full tank of gasoline and a bottle of wine. If your friends invite you over for dinner and tell […]

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A New Way to Use Quinoa

Quinoa is the latest superfood trend that everyone’s buzzing about. And no wonder—this magical seed is a complete protein (it has all nine essential amino acids), cooks up quickly like a grain (it takes about 15 minutes), and is gluten-free, too. Plus, it’s easy to dress up in all kinds of ways for delicious, healthy side dishes. Quinoa is starting […]

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Sun Tea Says Summer!

Summer is officially here. It’s hot hot hot..over 90 for the past two days. What better way to cool off then with a yummy class of slow brewed sun tea. Last weekend I made a batch using Harney’s Green Tea, mint, and a few thyme sprigs (they were flowering so it was extra pretty). I filled up a large jug […]

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Use Simple Syrup to Sweeten Iced Coffee

If you switch from hot to iced coffee as the temperatures rise, consider switching your sweetener as well. Subbing in simple syrup (a solution of sugar dissolved in water) for regular sugar, unless you like the taste of the sugar granules in your iced coffee, that is.

Keep reading for a bonus iced coffee making tip!

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Smart Product: “A Date with Wine” Wine Stopper

Avoid wasting an almost full bottle of wine by forgetting when you opened it with this clever wine stopper designed by le mouton noir & co.


When you’re ready to put that half-finished bottle away, simply turn the dial so that day’s date is lined up. That way you’ll know for sure how long the wine has been open, and how much longer you have to enjoy it.

Keep reading for details on where to buy it, plus ideas for what to do with leftover wine.

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Fun Website: Is it Warm Enough for Iced Coffee?

The annoying part about Spring: one day it’s nice out they next day it’s a little bit chilly. Not only does it make it tricky to get dressed, but also to choose between hot and iced coffee. Thankfully, that choice has been made easier with the site: Is it iced coffee weather?



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D.I.Y. Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

If you can’t head “off to the races,” you might as well bring the races to your living room. Whether you plan to have friends over for an informal get-together or have a quiet afternoon enjoying the derby with your family, some of these festive DIY projects are fairly irresistible.


If you admired the sea of beautiful hats at Royal Wedding, you’re in luck because the Kentucky Derby continues that tradition. Big, bold sunhats are a Derby essential. Women’s hats are typically wide-brimmed and embellished with flowers, bows and ribbon. While store-bought hats are lovely, they can be pricey! Luckily, DailyCandy has an easy tutorial to create your own less expensive headpiece. I love their simple hat, but I’d opt to hot glue a few flowers on to the ribbon as well.

Hat-a-tude Kentucky Derby hat

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