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Swanky Swell Fabric

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Swanky Swell fabric, based in San Francisco, the other day — great patterns and colors! Each pattern is designed by fabric designer Nina Jizhar and hand screen printed on 100% cotton using non-toxic ink. She’s an interior designer too – you can view her portfolio here. I can imagine a thousand projects for these modern prints, chair covers, curtains, pillows, you name it!

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How Do You Store Your Wine and Spirits?

With the holiday weekend rapidly approaching (I can’t believe it’s July already), many of you will probably be doing some entertaining. Which also means you’ll probably be drinking beer or wine or mixing some kind of cocktail. So in the spirit of that (no pun intended), I want to know where you keep your wine and spirits. Plus, I’ll show you a couple of my favorite options.

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Knitted Poufs: Spend a Bundle or D.I.Y.

I’ve been in love with the knitted poufs (aka ottomans) by Flocks since they made the rounds on the home blogs last year. But with such a hefty price tag—$800 and up from Design Within Reach—they have been sadly out of my reach.

Luckily, the crafty bloggers over at Pickles have designed a DIY version of the poufs. Read on to see the handmade version.

DWR Flocks Pouf

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Amanda’s Before and After on Design*Sponge

I’m a huge design*sponge fan. It’s one of the blogs that I always make sure I read. And my favorite feature of the site is the before and after section. Grace shows some of the best transformations I’ve seen. And they range from the incredibly complex (see here for a case in point) to the brilliantly simple like the one I’m in awe of today.

Read on to see the project that I would LOVE to do in my apartment.

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Lovely Craft Supply Shop

I can’t hold back any longer — I found a lovely craft supply shop a few months ago on Etsy that I must tell you about. I’ve been hesitant to share it because it’s one of THOSE places you don’t want to tell your friends about for fear you’ll never have access to the same great stuff again, but oh well — here’s a terrific source you must record in your little black book of great shops….

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Decorative Tape: Does it Qualify as a Trend?

Last week decorative tapes kept popping up on my radar. And I’m wondering if it is going to be the next DIY supply trend.

Here’s what I’ve found. Tell me what you think: does it qualify as a trend and would you use it for any upcoming projects?


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Rub-A-Dub-Dub DIY Soap

I’m always on the prowl for fun, affordable and easy craft projects that help me stay within budget while allowing me to enjoy a few simple luxuries now and then. I’m a sucker for handmade soap but with most bars priced between $6-10 each, I’ve decided to try making my own soap at home, complete with pretty packaging using everything from gift wrap to vintage wallpaper and beyond. Here’s a soap DIY that you’re sure to love to either give or keep in your bathroom and of course, share with guests too!

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Easy Medicine Cabinet DIY

Are you ashamed to open your medicine cabinet? Is it boring and/or disorganized? Do you fear your guests will peek inside (you know they will)? Never fear, Jennifer from the blog Pinky Brown is here! Jennifer was so excited to share an affordable and easy makeover she gave the inside of her medicine cabinet…

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DIY Chandeliers from Time Out New York

Yes, it’s another project idea. But this time it’s not nearly as complicated as fabric wallpaper or glass etching. A trip to the hardware store and the skills to screw in a light bulb are all it takes to make these simple chandeliers from Abilene, a bar in Brooklyn, featured in last week’s Time Out New York.

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DIY Fabric Wallpaper: Would You Try It?

Your favorite fabric can become your new favorite wallpaper with a bottle of spray starch. Would you try this seemingly easy to apply (and remove) technique?

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