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A Quick (Beauty) Recipe

We all can agree that there isn’t always 30 minutes or an hour to take out of your day to go to a spa and get a relaxing facial. Sometimes making the time is more stressful, than not going. Yet, don’t you still want to treat yourself for even just a few relaxing minutes?



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Weekend Project: Etching My Glass Soap Dispenser

In hopes of providing a little inspiration for any weekend projects you might be tackling, I wanted to share one I did a few months ago with you.


I have these lovely soap dispensers that I use for both dish soap and hand soap. They originally held Cucina hand soap (one of them still does), which is some of the best smelling hand soap ever.




I decided to etch the words “dish” and “hand” on the containers so that we could tell them apart when they are both eventually filled with clear soaps.


Keep reading to see how it turned out.


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On the Hunt: Pretty Cake Stands

I’m not normally a resoultion maker. But this year, I’m setting some goals for myself. I’m an amateur baker, and I’ve never tackled a layer cake. So that’s one thing I want to learn to do this year.

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Letterbox Co. + DIY Number Stencils

After I wrote this post on decor8 the other day, a bunch of readers wrote in asking for tips on where to find some of the items shown in some of the photos. I did a little research and found the Letterbox Co. — have you heard of this quaint Australian online shop? It’s a lovely find for you today, the goods are simple and nice… I particularly love the natural paper tape, kraft paper, stenciled numbers adorning tags and clipboards, and other understated beauties.

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Merry Christmas from Simply Stated

Many of us at Real Simple are now home for the holidays, but I wanted to be sure to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.   This is how I’ve been celebrating with my family on the morning of Christmas Eve:     Here’s the step-by-step. Fair warning, it’s the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of Gingerbread Houses.   Setting […]

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How To Make Paper Moons and Stars from Paper + Craft Event

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week, I posted about the Paper + Craft event thrown by Minhee & Truman Cho of Paper + Cup in Brooklyn over the weekend, and I’m happy to report that I have a full step by step to share with you on the craft that they were demonstrating. First things first, I owe a huge thank […]

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Paper + Cup Event in Brooklyn this Weekend



For any of our Simply Stated readers in the NYC Metro area, the brand-spanking new Paper Source on Smith Street in Brooklyn is hosting a book signing and demo this weekend with Minhee & Truman Cho of Paper + Cup. They just released a book, Paper + Craft, in October, and it’s fantastic.


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My Weekend Project: D.I.Y. Ornament Wreath

I debated about getting a Christmas tree for my apartment this year. For the first time since moving to New York, I have a living room that could accommodate a full size tree without requiring a storage unit for half of my furniture. In the end, I decided against getting one since I’m not having a holiday party, and I won’t be home much between now and the end of the year.


But I couldn’t let my apartment stay completely undecorated. My compromise was to hang a wreath in the living room, since there is a brick wall that was just aching for some decoration.


After considering a yarn wreath, a fresh green wreath or a light wreath, I settled on an ornament wreath. Luckily, Eddie Ross has a tutorial for making an ornament wreath on his website. Here’s how mine went:


I started out with a wire hanger and these shatterproof ornaments from Target. (I only spent $20 making this wreath. A steal in my mind.)


Ornament Wreath Supplies


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A Reader Question: D.I.Y. Highlights for Dark Hair?

We recently received a question from reader Helen W., after our article in the November issue about coloring your own hair: Dye-It-Yourself Hair Color. Our beauty and health director Didi Gluck, helped out with an answer:

Woman Highlighting Her Hair Q: Hi! I have black hair, but have longed for DIY highlights. I’ve tried Loreal Haircolor for Dark Hair but are there any other options? Thanks!

    —Helen W. via Twitter

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Crazy, Creative, Fun Candy Crafts for Halloween (and All Year Long)

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of a new book that celebrates candy in its many forms—specifically, crafted into pirates, castles, cars, critters, and so much more. Candy Construction is Sharon Bowers’ new follow-up to her equally whimsical Ghoulish Goodies, which offered Halloween recipes and instructions for creepy eyeballs, cocoa bats, and monster cupcakes. While Candy Construction isn’t Halloween-themed, it still has plenty of fabulous ideas using all kinds of colorful sweet treats.



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